Fame and Fortune Slots

Fame and Fortune Slots

Most people dream about fame and fortune and living a rich lifestyle, but for many people that's just a dream. For those that want to try and realize that dream, Fame and Fortune, the online slot game could be a fun way to pass the time. This online slot offers bonus prize payouts large enough to change your life, and it packs in a bunch of graphics that all relate to living a rich lifestyle of fame and fortune. You'll be able to continue dreaming about living rich, and with enough luck you just might realize that dream while playing this slot. By the looks of it it's a lot of fun, but we'll tell you more down below during our playthrough of Fame and Fortune the online slot game.

Betting to Start

Before you start playing you need to place a wager. Wager amounts can range from $0.01 to $5.00 per line. There are a total of 20 lines available in this slot game, and you can turn them on and off depending on the type of wager that you want to place. This means that the minimum wager amount that you have to work with is $0.01 per line down to a single line, and the maximum amount is $5.00 per line up to 20 lines. By betting the minimum of $0.01 per spin you can make a few dollars last a long time with this slot game. By betting the maximum of $100.00 per spin you can go through thousands in short order. You should choose an amount that is right for your budget, so make sure that you have a wager in place that you can make the most of.

Win More with the Glamour Girl

The glamour girl symbol is a powerful wild that will literally double the value of any other symbol that she helps complete a prize payout with. With this wild you can unlock the highest paying wins in the slot game, and she is a very important tool for winning as much as you can.

Solid Normal Round Prize Payouts

There are quite a few prize winning combinations that are worth trying for as you play Fame and Fortune even outside of the bonus rounds of the game. Hollywood sign symbols are worth up to 2,500 coins if you get five of them, and they can pay out 5,000 coins when paired with a glamour girl wild. The fancy sports car symbol is worth 1,500 coins for five, and 3,000 coins when paired with a glamour girl. It's possible to win 1,000 coins from the Oscar symbol, or 2,000 coins with a mix of Oscars and glamour girl symbols.

Each of these different prize winning combinations are highly valuable and could have you winning between $5,000 and $25,000 with a maximum wager in place. Each of those prize payouts are worth getting excited about, and they aren't even the best wins that you can get from this slot game.

The Fame and Fortune Free Spin Game

IF you can get a Fame symbol on the first reel and a Fortune symbol on the final reel of Fame and Fortune, you'll unlock a 10 spin free games round. During this special round you'll enjoy a 2x multiplier during the first five spins and a 3x multiplier on the rest of the free spins. That means it's possible to win up to $75,000 off a single winning spin in this slot game during the bonus round. If you can get three or more of the diamond symbols on any spin during this round, you'll be rewarded with an additional 10 free spins, giving you many more opportunities to win some seriously good prize payouts.

Fame and Fortune is a nice looking slot game that offers players a chance to win some really good prizes. It's a nice looking slot game with a cool style and exciting animations. If you are hoping to make the most of your time with a slot game, Fame and Fortune is worth testing out. Some gamblers will absolutely love the game, while others will be looking for a different option before long.