Lucha Libre 2 Slots

Lucha Libre 2 picks up where the original left off. More action, more fun, and more Mexican wrestling. The objective is to defeat the enemy, who is Nacho Libre. In order to achieve this, players have 5-reels, along with a lush 30 pay lines. The game icons will entertain and provide the reel action. Several casino features contribute towards the winning chances. Scatters, Wilds, Free Spins and a high payout potential which can reach a maximum of 50,000 coins. The wagering is exciting, offering real variety and choice. To accompany the PC version, there is also a mobile Lucha Libre 2. It works wonderfully on most modern tablets and smartphones. The game can be downloaded, or enjoyed in Instant Play mode. Let’s take a peek inside Lucha Libre 2, shall we?

Inside Lucha Libre 2

The wagering is a pleasurable and intuitive experience. There are various coin sizes, starting from a low $0.01 per coin. The coin values increase to a high of $1 per coin, which creates a betting range of $0.30 per spin, up to a higher $30 per spin, betting on all 30 pay lines. High rollers will enjoy the $30 per spin upper limit, while novices can still enjoy the lower limit, and play for ages on a minuscule budget.

Free Lucha Libre 2 Spins: Fist of Fury

The bonus round on offer with Lucha Libre 2 is a free spins round. Triggered by landing three Scatter symbols, represented by the Mucho Mayhem logo. An alternative route to the free spins round comes if the Wild lands on the inner reel. It will freeze there and activate the free spins granting one complementary spin automatically. The Wild symbol is represented by the Wrestler icon. This potent symbol pays out handsomely, especially if it freezes on the reel. Players are in for a real treat if this happens. The Fist of Fury Bonus free spins adds excellent chances to win a grand payout playing the game, maybe even the jackpot of 50,000 coins!

Mexican Wrestling

Lucha Libre 2 slots are centred around the Mexican sport of Lucha Libre, or wrestling. Loosely translated, that means free fight. The contestants face off against one another in a ring, wearing facial masks. They then attack one another according to the rules of the sport. There can be penalties and disqualification for fighters who break the rules. Winning entails strength, cunning and bravery. The theme is perfect for a slot game, and Lucha Libre 2 brings out the essential qualities of the sport, hence the slot’s name.

Lucha Libre 2 on Mobile

Lucha Libre 2 slots can be enjoyed using a mobile device. Tablets and smartphones bring out the graphically satisfying animations to perfection! iOS and Android devices are compatible with the game. Lucha Libre 2 may be downloaded to the PC or mobile device, yet it can also be played using Instant Play mode, for complete freedom and convenience for players to play as and when they want.

Lucha Libre 2 Symbols

There are several unusual, yet exciting game icons that appear on the reels. They include the aforementioned powerful symbols; the Wild Wrestler, and Scatter Mucho Mayhem logo. Besides those two, the standard symbols include; a fat man, a young man with glasses, chillies, Mexican Tabasco sauce icon, a game referee, Mexican food dishes, tacos, Mexican drinks, with what seems like a Mojito drink with crushed mint and ice added to the tequila. They all add colour and amusement along with a healthy dosage of entertainment! The theme wouldn’t be complete without them.

Sequel Vs Original

Lucha Libre 2 supersedes the original and is more vibrant and graphically superior. If a game is popular enough to warrant a sequel, then the original must be good. In many instances, the original is better, yet here with Lucha Libre 2, the opposite is true. The sequel is an improvement. It can only really be experienced by playing both games, and placing them side by side, only then can the difference be seen clearly. The free spins add that casino magic, along with more chances to win a payout, and the wagering process and options contribute to the game’s overall appeal. Lucha Libre FIRMA part of a trio of slots released by the established game developers; Real Time Gaming (RTG). The other two in the series is called; Tian Di Yuan Su slots, and San Guo Zheng Ba. Together they make up a formidable group of slots that any player would enjoy playing. Here we have Lucha Libre 2, and it is a unique and different game, that is both immersive and atmospheric at the same time. Discover a premier gaming experience. Discover Lucha Libre 2 slots!