Mermaid's Pearls Slots

You will soon see how important this question is, as it describes one of the highlights of this new slot game. Mermaids are always swimming into view in online slots, but we think this one might top its rivals. With lots of interesting and unusual features to look out for, we were pleasantly surprised to enjoy the experience.

Will you feel the same when you find out more about the new slot called Mermaid’s Pearls? And how important are those pearls, anyway? Let’s see what we can find out.

Who is the slot game developer?

None other than Real Time Gaming. Most players have tried one or two RTG games during their foray into online gaming at various casinos. If you have, you might feel this experience will be a positive one too. Reading the rest of our review will let you discover more about this new game in their collection.

Demo play is the best way to find out more about the slot game

Playing any game for the first time can be a daunting and complex experience. Sure, you want to try it, but you may not want to place some real bets down to do so. The good news is you won’t need to. Just choose their demo game instead of the real one. Mermaid’s Pearls does have a demo, so this will be easy to do.

Does the theme really revolve around mermaids?

Yes, it does, not to mention other creatures you might expect to find underwater. There are no real surprises as far as the theme goes, but don’t let that make you think the game is predictable. It is nothing of the kind.

Design details in Mermaid’s Pearls

Any game involving the sea is going to feature blue quite heavily. This game does too, so there are no surprises there. The design has clearly been thought about in depth, as it goes into some detail to replicate the likely setting a mermaid would live in. Do they exist or not? They are not supposed to, but we can imagine if they did, they would live somewhere like this.

Slot game type

If you like slots featuring five reels, this one ticks that box. The reels are larger than you might expect though, reaching up to five icons high. The square format looks great and gives you more to look for on each spin.

The game doesn’t bother with any progressive jackpots, so it may lose some fans because of that. However, don’t let it deter you – the paytable reveals a host of other prizes that could be won. The best prize of all is 12,500x the triggering bet, which we guess you wouldn’t sniff at!

What about payline quantity?

You won’t need to worry about those here. The 5 x 5 format gives us a chance to play a game featuring 3,125 ways to win prizes. We cannot imagine anyone would get close to that, but who knows? Each bet will cover all those ways, so that is great news.

Betting options

The idea here is to select one bet to place on every spin. That bet covers all the possible ways prizes could be won. The range is impressive, giving all players a chance to spin for real with a pleasing bet.

How to access the paytable

Just select the option to open the table and you will see it appear. This should be the first place you head for when the game has loaded. It means you can read the rules and see what all the icons look like before you play.

Bonus round action in Mermaid’s Pearls

The game includes something called the Shipwreck Pick Bonus. Shipwrecks are hidden beneath the waves all over the world, and RTG has taken its inspiration from that fact. To reach the bonus, you must collect pearls that appear on the reels. They can appear in any spin, with however many are shown being collected for you.

If you get 15 or more of those pearls in a single spin, you will receive a prize. Meanwhile, the pearls you collect (however many or few) are added to the pearl meter. You will need to find 300 in total for the Shipwreck Pick Bonus to get underway.

Free spins can also be found

The mermaids can be very generous, awarding free spins to any player who manages to find 600 pearls during play. It’s odd that the free games require more pearls than the bonus. We thought it might be the other way around. However, the free spin feature isn’t your average feature.

You get 10 games to play – games in which you will only ever see pearls or blank spots appear on the reels. Each spin will give you a multiplier chosen at random, too. This could be a basic 1x, but it could go as high as 5x. Any pearl prizes won during the free games will be multiplied by whichever value is shown at that time.

Do we know the game RTP?

No, but most slots from this developer rank at over 95%, so we expect this one will fall into that grouping too. We will update this section when the RTP becomes known.

Our slot game rating

This RTG slot does get a thumbs up from us. We are going to rank it as a solid 8 out of 10 effort from them. Those pearls are the key to doing well here. Fifteen or more will deliver a prize, while your pearl collection determines how long it will take to reach the bonus and free spin rounds.

Have any winners come forward yet?

No, but that may not happen as there is no progressive jackpot to keep an eye on. That said, you might well hear about someone who manages to grab that 12,500x your bet top prize. We would want to celebrate if we managed it.

Play for practice only?

Yes, you can do this, and we would recommend you do so to start with. Mermaid’s Pearls has lots of features and ways to entertain. However, there will be players who prefer other games. To find out which group you fall into, check out the demo and see what you think.

Playing for real money

This can be done at any casino delivering the new Mermaid’s Pearls game for you to try. You will need to sign up to that casino (or log in if you have already done so). Once you have done that, it is a matter of depositing funds before you can get started. Be sure not to wager more than you can afford and keep track of your budget too.

Mobile play options

Android and iOS fans will be glad to hear they can play this game on their chosen handset or device. It makes life easier when you are ready to dive into the new Mermaid’s Pearl RTG slot game.