Paradise Dreams Slots

Paradise Dreams is an online slot game that’s set on a beautiful tropical beach with all sorts of nice and brightly colored creatures. There are fish, birds, ocean landscapes, card symbols and more in this slot game. They all work together to create a nice and peaceful theme that helps to make this game particularly satisfying to play. Give the slot game a try and you will probably at least enjoy the look of it. We wanted to know more about the slot other than how it looks though, which is why we dug into the features offered by the game. Down below is all the information that we gathered on our playthrough of the game.

The Wild Girl

The Wild girl only appears on every other reel of Paradise Dreams and she serves as the wild at each of those locations. When she helps create a prize payout she doubles he value of the symbols she is working with. This results in the best prize paying combinations that you can get from Paradise Dreams, which is pretty exciting. You’ll want to make use of her as often as you can to win as much cash as possible as you play.

Decent Wins in Paradise Dreams

In this slot game the most you can win during a standard round is 5,000 coins which is a combination of the wild symbol and birds. The next best you can get is 2,500 coins from just birds, then comes a prize payout worth 2,000 coins with a mix of girl symbols and fish, or just 1,000 from fish alone or a mix of flowers and girl symbols. There are several decent prize payouts available during the base rounds of Paradise Dreams and we found ourselves getting decent wins quite often while playing.

Random Jackpot Payouts

Progressive jackpots are pooled jackpots that pay a single player from the profits gathered from the many. For this reason gamblers spending very little on a slot can win huge prizes if they are lucky enough. There is a progressive jackpot payout in Paradise Dreams worth thousands of dollars, and you could win it at any moment as you are playing. With a bit of luck you’ll be awarded the big jackpot payout. Turn the reels and hope for the best with this slot game. Before you know it you could be receiving the jackpot payout from the slot.

Wagering Options are Decent

When you play Paradise Dreams you can wager small or large amounts of cash and the amount that you wager depends on two things. Your wager depends on the total number of paylines that are active as you play, and it depends on the value that you place on each of those lines. Overall in this slot game you can wager up to $100 per spin and you can go down to $0.01 per spin. It’s up to you how much you risk, but most gamblers use a value somewhere in the middle of those figures.

The Paradise Pick Feature

While you play Paradise Dreams it’s possible to trigger a special Paradise Pick feature. This is triggered by getting three or more scatter symbols just like the free games round is. You get one bonus or the other from your scatter symbols. If you get the pick feature, it is up to you to choose 5 of the 12 flowers for instant prize payouts. You can get prize payouts worth between 1x and 1,000x your total wager amount. You can also get 5 additional picks if you get a butterfly symbol in one of your initial picks.

Free Games

Three or more scatter island symbols trigger the free spins bonus round of Paradise Dreams. During this special free spin round you get a total of 10 free games where all the prize payouts are doubled in size. That means you can win up to 4x a standard prize payout if you have help from the girl wild with your wins. There is a special butterfly symbol that shows on some of the reels of this bonus game and that symbol will payout an instant prize worth between 2x and 10x your initial wager amount. This special symbol can show up more than once and will help you get additional prize money throughout your free spins.

Paradise Dreams is a beautiful online slot game with just the right blend of features. You have multiplier wilds, two different special bonus games and a bunch of high pay symbols to look out for, not to mention the progressive jackpot that can be won. With all the different features you always have something to look forward to while playing.