Penguin Power Slots

Penguin Power is an online slot game that focuses on sea life from up around the region where penguins live comfortably. These rare cold-weather animals add to the charm of the slot game, and you'll quickly find a wide range of animal-based symbols to pick from when you play the slot game. We did a full review of the slot, and we found features to like about it in no time at all.

Baby Penguins are the Best

Everyone loves cute baby penguins, but these lovable little guys actually serve a purpose as well. They act as wilds and will double prize payouts that you get while playing through round after round of this slot game. That means with some help from the penguin wilds you will actually enjoy enhanced prize payouts and you can unlock the most valuable prize payouts in the game.

Top Payouts

It's possible to get as much as 5,000 coins from a single prize paying combination with help from the baby penguin wild symbol. The next best paying combination that you can get is worth 2,500 coins and you can get that from the adult penguin symbol without any baby penguins present. You can get up to 2,000 coins from the walrus symbols as well with a bit of help from the baby penguin wild.

Your Wagering Options

You have quite a few different wagering options to work with when you play Penguin Power slots. That means that you can very easily adjust higher or lower until you reach an amount you are comfortable with. At the lower levels you can risk as little as $0.01 per spin. At the high end you can go up to $100 per spin if you don't mind wagering on all the different paylines for the maximum amount of $5.00 per line.

Use Igloos for Big Wins

Igloo symbols are worth up to $20,000 to you on their own when you get five of them on the reels. These powerful scatters will multiply your entire wager by 200x if you get five. That's a huge multiplier and is very exciting for serious gamblers with large wagers. Not only do the scatters result in some excellent payouts, but they will trigger the free spin bonus round as well, giving you more chances to win big.

Penguin Slide Free Spins

Whenever you get three or more scatter symbols in Penguin Power, the Penguin Slide free spin round begins. During this round you get between 5 and 25 free spins and you will enjoy more baby penguins and igloo symbols than normal. Anytime you get a penguin on the first reel and an igloo on the last reel, the penguin slides across the reels and gives you an instant cash payout or more free games to keep the fun going for longer.

If you love penguins as much as we do, Penguin Power is an attractive online slot game. There's a lot to love about this slot, and it won't take very long before you find at least a few features that ou enjoy about it.