Ritchie Valens La Bamba Slots

Ritchie Valens La Bamba slots is a celebration of everything Rock N' Roll stands for. The new slot is based on Ritchie Valens smash hit from 1958; La Bamba. The brilliant music accompanies the gameplay and spices up the wagering. With a 1950's theme embedded in the background of the game, as well as the winning game icons that appear on the 5-reels. They include various musical instruments and Rock N' Roll symbolism with more than a rich dose of 1950's atmospheric and immersive thematics. The game is positively glowing and rich in graphics and exciting animations.

Mobile & Instant Play La Bamba

Ritchie Valens La Bamba has a brilliant companion piece to the PC version. The advantages of mobile gaming are at players' fingertips, and La Bamba can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere there is a WiFi connection. The game has, in fact, been optimised and modified for mobile devices; tablets, smartphones, iOS, and Android versions. What's more, Ritchie Valens La Bamba can be enjoyed in Instant Play mode along with its downloadable version. Utilising Flash technology, Instant Play allows players to click on the game once you access an online casino offering this game. Once the game icon is clicked, the game commences immediately.

Wagering Options

One thing is for sure, and most players will be drawn to Ritchie Valens La Bamba slots due to the full range of betting options. The 5-reels and multiple pay lines combine with the various coin values that start from as low as $0.01, rising exponentially to a more substantial and high upper limit. Betting maximum coins, coin values, and on all the pay lines attracts better probabilities of winning a payout of substance. In effect, both high rollers will be drawn to the top upper limits, while the novices and newcomers to the game will enjoy the lower limits and extended playing times.

Ritchie Valens La Bamba Verdict

With a lot of promise to live up to, Ritchie Valens La Bamba slots pull it off somehow. The game works, and works wonders! There are the usual unique casino features included that add value and excitement, as well as additional chances to win. Wilds and Scatters, bonuses and free spins all deliver extra action to the already heavily loaded game. The mobile version is brilliant, working on every front, from the speed of loading to quality of graphics and above all stills and substance. There's only one thing left to do now. Try out Ritchie Valens La Bamba for yourself. You will immediately fall in love with it. It draws and attracts due to its high level of gaming action and enveloping theme. The atmosphere and setting are perfect in the 1950's. Take a trip down memory lane and gamble all the way!