Roberta's Castle Slots

In this fun twist on the story of Rapunzel we have a nice looking slot game known as Roberta’s Castle. The slot itself is bright and colorful and very nice to look at, but looks aren’t important if the game itself is lacking in features. That’s why we looked at the slot closely to determine if it is worth playing or not. What we found was impressive enough for us to do a full review. Keep reading to learn all about Roberta’s Castle, the fairytale themed slot game.


Betting is simple and easy to understand in this slot. There are 20 paylines that you can turn on and off. Each line can have a wager between $0.01 and $5.00. That’s all there is to it. Pick a wager amount you are comfortable with, a line amount that you want and then you get the full bet per spin. It’s possible to bet as little as $0.01 in Roberta’s Castle. It’s also possible to raise your wager to an impressive $100.00 per spin. It doesn’t matter which level you wager at, though the high end offers bigger payouts. It’s more important that you wager an amount that you are comfortable with for you to enjoy the slot game the most.

Scatters are Excellent For Big Wins

Scatter symbols are windows in Roberta’s Castle and they will help you win bigger and better prizes as you play through the rounds. These symbols will pay out up to 250x your total wager amount when you get five of them. That’s a ton of money and potentially up to $25,000 if you have a maximum wager in place while you play the slot game. Make the most of this excellent payout rate and you’ll be looking at the best possible wins from the slot.

Random Jackpot Wins

Roberta’s Castle is a top tier slot with lots of ways to win, but one way you might not expect is a completely random jackpot that grows over time. This high powered progressive jackpot is worth thousands and it can trigger anytime you play. There isn’t a minimum wager and anyone can win the cash. Keep spinning and you might be the lucky winner of these thousands of dollars in prize money.

Making the Most of Autoplay

Autoplay is a common feature on slot games today and this slot also has it. Tapping the bottom and activating the feature makes it easy for you to start betting and to keep the spins coming even when you want to do something else instead. Set it to go through dozens or hundreds of spins and then walk away from the slot and it will keep playing.

High Paying Free Spins

With three or more of the scattered window symbols on the reels you’ll unlock the high paying free spin bonus round. Anytime that you get three or more scatters you get 15 free spins with a 3x multiplier. AS you go through those free spin rounds you’re more likely to get some substantial wins from the slot game. These spins are simple to unlock and you’ll trigger the bonus round more than you might expect. Not only do you start with 15 free spins, but you can trigger additional free spins by getting three or more scatter symbols during the free spin round once again.

Roberta’s Castle is high paying enough and nice looking enough to be a worthwhile slot game for serious gamblers to test out. Give it a try if you are looking for another game to use. You’ll love the different features and all the opportunities for big wins as you play.