Stardust Slots

Stardust Slots
Star Dust is a cosmic themed slot game that looks like it is set in outer space itself. The slot features bright colors, planets, a bunch of different jewels and of course black holes. The game will transport you out into space and give you something nice to look at while gambling. The buttons of the slot have a neon sign feel to them, giving this slot game a very Las Vegas feel to it overall. We like the feel of this slot and have assembled a full review of the game to overview those features and what they mean to serious gamblers that want to try the slot out.


When playing Stardust you have a lot of wagering options to work with to make sure that you have a good comfortable bet in place with every spin. You must keep all the paylines active with every spin, but you can still go from less than $1.00 per spin to massive wagers by most players standards. At the low end you are free to wager as little as $0.40 per spin. At the high end you can wager a maximum of $100.00 per spin.

Watch for the Stardust Logo

While playing Stardust the logo for the game serves as a helpful wild that will aid you in getting bigger and better prize payouts. The wild will sub in for all but the scatter symbol and will lead to some pretty nice prize payouts in the process. The wild doesn’t offer any sort of multiplier, and it only appears on some of the reels, so won’t lead to any huge prize wins on its own.

Gem Collecting

The special galaxy symbols that look like black holes will help you trigger the special bonus round of this slot game. If you land one of them on reel 3, it will collect one gem from each of the surrounding reels and add it to your meter. Get enough of these gems and you’ll trigger a special bonus payout with a minimum of 10 free spins and a max of 13.

Free Spin Fun

During the special free spin bonus round, you will enjoy payouts just like if you were playing a slot game with 1024 winning combinations. Not only that, but anytime you get a three or four symbol combination, you will enjoy a free re-spin of the remaining reels to help you unlock a better win. It’s common to get chain wins in this slot game and you should expect many different wins during your time with the slot game.

While playing Stardust if you are lucky enough to trigger the free spin bonus round you have a good chance of cashing out with some large sized prize payouts. This makes the slot game more exciting to play, and gives you something to really look forward to as you go through one round after the next. We like the retro look of the slot and had a good time trying it out during our testing period.