Cherry Red Slots

Cherry Red slots is a traditional looking slot game with many symbols that you would find on an older slot, and some that you wouldn’t. The game is designed to represent places like Las Vegas where gambling in person is extremely common. The slot freatures stacks of cash, cards, dice, chips, beautiful women, stars and more. Together these symbols help to create the right mood for this slot game and make it more appealing to serious gamblers. We wrote up a full review of the slot after playing through it for an extended time, and are happily explaining to other gamblers why they should be playing this slot, or why they should be looking for a different option.

Win Better with the Logo

The lucrative logo symbol is one of the most powerful tools you have to work with in Cherry Red. This symbol serves as a wild that will double prize payouts that it helps create. The symbol shows up on all the different reels and is your ticket to triggering many different prize wins. Not only is the logo a helpful tool for triggering different payouts involving other symbols, but it’s possible to get a prize payout from logos themselves, and they are worth 15,000 coins when you have five of them. That’s a prize payout worth as much as $75,000 overall, which is a whole lot of cash. The next highest paying combination comes from mixing wild logos with the Blonde Girl for a maximum payout of 2,500 coins, which isn’t worth nearly as much but is still a decent win.

Betting Simplicity

Wagering doesn’t need to be complicated when you play a slot game and it certainly isn’t in Cherry Red. There are two options to adjust to achieve the desired wager level. The first is the number of paylines that are active while you are playing. The more lines you have the more it will cost you to run. The second is the total line bet that you have placed. The higher the bet, the more money you can potentially win, but the more you will spend to spin the reels. This slot game has the potential to cost you as much as $100 per spin, but can be as cheap as $0.01 per spin depending on your settings and how you play the game.

Random Progressive

Progressive jackpots are one of the features that many people like so much about modern-day online slot games. These jackpots are pools of other players money all coming together to form a huge jackpot payout. The jackpot is very difficult to win, but gives even low stakes gamblers a chance to win really nice prizes. If you are lucky you will spin the reels and trigger this random jackpot. It could go off at any time, but only one player cn win the money and you need to be very lucky in order to win the money. It’s worth testing out this slot game just for the chance of getting the high paying progressive jackpot, but many gamblers won’t have enough luck to win this payout.

Autoplay Gambling

Online slots are meant to be a source of entertainment, but some gamblers would prefer not to press the spin button in between each spin of the reels. That’s why Autoplay is an important feature that many gamblers would like to take advantage of. With this feature it’s possible to set the game to go through tens, or hundreds of spins without any input from the gambler. This is ideal for players that don’t want to keep pressing buttons, or for players with limited time. You can keep the reels turning while resting your hands with this powerful tool.

Cherry Red is a nice online slot game that manages to embody the feeling that high stakes gambling creates. It is a game that you can sit down and get started playing and stick with for hours and hours. The slot offers some big wins, but the huge payouts are limited and not all that common. Give it a try for a chance to win big, and you might be surprised by the game.