Fish Catch Slots

Fish Catch is an all-new slot game offered by Realtime Gaming. This slot game doesn’t have any reels, there’s no spinning and it feels less luck based than most other slots that we’ve experienced in the past. That’s exactly why it’s such an interesting and exciting game to us, and why we had to test the game out as soon as we could. During the testing phase we were impressed with the features, the look and the feel of the game. We’ll outline our experience down below an what you can expect from this slot game when you test it out yourself.

A Unique Mechanism

The very first thing that we wanted to cover is the mechanism that makes this slot game work. There aren’t any reels and you don’t spin anything at all, yet you can unlock different prizes as you play and it still feels like gambling. Instead of spinning reels you are watching your section of the screen. The screen is split four ways and in each section of the screen fish swim around at random. It’s up to you to choose the appropriate gun and shoot the fish. You get a different multiplier based on the cannon that you use, and each fish has a specific value. Kill the fish and you’ll receive a payout from them, but beware some fish are much more difficult to take out than others are.

A Multiplayer Gambling Experience

This slot game allows up to four players to play alongside one another. You will get one of four different sections on the screen to play in. Each of those sections gives you the same level of access to the fish that are swimming around the screen. It makes no difference where you choose to play at, and as you are shooting at the fish you might see other players joining alongside you to try to unlock some major wins themselves. This game is more enjoyable than playing on a standard slot for gamblers that like playing with others, and it helps keep each round interesting as well.


At the beginning of a round you choose the amount that you want to wager and this sets the base value for your weapons. To adjust your wager on the fly while playing just choose a different cannon with more or less power. There are six guns in total and each one serves as a different wager amount. As you’re playing you have to choose the gun that you use with care to get the best possible payouts as you play through one round after the next.

Interactive Fun

Fish Catch has an exciting arcade feel to it. As you play through one round after the next 3D fish swim by on the screen giving you many different targets to shoot at. You get to choose your targets and your weapons as the rounds unfold and it’s up to you to unlock the highest paying prize combinations possible. As long as you shoot accurately and you get comfortable with the gun options you should be able to come away with some decent prizes as you play the game.

Mermaid’s Luck

While playing Fish Catch there’s a chance that you’ll randomly open up a special roulette wheel. This is known as the Mermaid’s Luck feature. When the wheel opens up you can win as much as 250x your current wager amount or as much as $2500.00 in cash. That’s a pretty decent payout and certainly something to get excited about as you play.

Even though Fish Catch still relies on an element of luck, it feels more like a skill-based arcade game than a standard slot. This will really appeal to some players that want to do more than just hope that they can get lucky and unlock a decent paying combination. If you’re tired of standard slots you’ll love this one. If you just want to try out something different, we urge you to give Fish Catch a trial run and see what the future of gambling games holds.