Lucky Lightning Slots

Lightning is fast and powerful and that is one good way of describing this action packed, easy to play slots game that has just one payline and three reels. Lucky Lighting slots is a classic slots game that allows players to place one, two, or three coins per spin and the player can use different coin sizes depending on his budget. His options range from $0.05 up to $5 giving him a maximum bet of $15 per spin.

Lightning Speed Payouts with Lucky Lightning Slots

All the winning options of the game are detailed on the main screen of the game where the player can also meet the symbols that include bars, cherries, oranges, plums and red sevens. On the spinning reels there are also blank positions that actually contribute to the winning payouts. The highest payout is awarded for landing three of the red 7 symbols on the screen. With a single coin bet, the player wins 800 coins, with a two-coin bet the player wins 1600 coins and with a three-coin bet, the player wins the maximum payout of 2500 coins. Simple clean fun at lightning speed is the best way to describe this lightning slots game.