It's Good to be Bad Slots

It seems sometimes it is better to be bad than good and this is definitely the case in the It's Good to Be Bad slots game where losing brings the player higher payouts and eventually the progressive jackpot. This game has three reels and one payline. Players can place one, two or three coins per payline using a set coin size of $0.25. There is no auto play and no wild symbol in this game that actually rewards the player when he loses thanks to the red devil that sits at the side of the screen.

Win by Losing

The highest payout is awarded for three of the red 7 symbols appearing on the payline. In this case the player wins 1000 coins if he has placed a three-coin bet, with a two-coin bet, the player wins 400 coins and with a single coin bet, the player wins 200 coins. Every loss that the player endures is charted on the loss meter that the devil oversees and when the player has accumulated 4 losses he benefits from a gain and receives a free spin. If the player managers to lose 29 times, he will be lucky enough to win the progressive jackpot that grows in value with every real money bet that is placed. It seems losing is good and rewarded thanks to the devilish game that is really a lot of fun to play.