Slot Tournaments at Slotastic Casino

The magic of partaking in the excitement created by a tournament cannot be surpassed by any other online gaming experience. Slotastic Casino offers several different tournaments. Some are free to enter, and others charge a small entry fee. There is a real choice so players can choose the tournament that best suits them. Only the very best slots have a chance of starring in a tournament. Slotastic players expect the best, and that is what they are given; both quality and choice. The tournaments take part every day of the week. Any player can participate and join a slot tournament provided they have first signed up at Slotastic Casino.

How do online slot tournaments work?

If you are new to the idea of trying some slot game tournaments, you are about to find out about their many benefits. You can look out for free ones to enter to begin with, as they don’t ask for a fee before you can get started. If you see some games you love playing anyway, it makes sense to try them within a tournament setting too. If that tournament has no buy-in, even better. We would always suggest you read the rules of every tournament you look at before entering. You can see how long it runs for – this could be anything from 24 hours to several weeks. You’ll also see how many prizes are on offer and what each one consists of. Each tournament should have a leaderboard that is regularly updated to illustrate which players are doing well at present.

How can you learn how to play online tournaments at your favorite casinos?

Read up on all the information you can before taking part. Look at the current list of tournaments and see how each one works. We always think the freerolls are best to get started with. If you spot a favorite game in a freeroll tournament, you can play for real just as you usually would. The difference is you’ve got tournament prizes to try and win too. You can also watch one or two events as they progress, without taking part in them yourself. This gives you an idea of how they work and how the leaderboards are updated. You can then use that information to guide you in future tournaments if you like what you see (and we think you will).

Are real money tournaments the best ones to play?

It depends what you aim to achieve while playing them. Obviously, if you want to be in with a chance of winning some prizes, then yes, these are the only tourneys that will give you that chance. Some sites might have tournament events you can enter that offer points as prizes, rather than offering real cash prizes. These might be spotted on sites based around social play instead of real play. You can earn points or credits to use on the games there, and tournaments have additional points to be won. However, there are no real cash prizes up for grabs. Most real online casinos that do accept cash payments to play these tournaments will have real prizes though. They might have one large prize – sometimes called a winner takes all prize – or several prizes offered to those taking the top spots at the end of the tournament. Not all real money casino tournaments require an entry fee, so check the status of any tourney you like the look of before participating. You’ll see whether a fee is required and if so, how much it adds up to.

Are there lots of Bitcoin tournaments around?

There are more of these available nowadays than ever before. If you have a Bitcoin wallet and you prefer to use this to fund your casino account, you can look out for the opportunity to take part in a Bitcoin tournament too. These events are much the same as any others. The difference is that they require a buy-in using Bitcoin and may offer prizes in mBTC as well. As always, read the rules of each tournament you encounter, so you can see whether you could use Bitcoin to play and enter.

How long do tournaments run for?

There are three main tourney types you can expect to see at a casino offering these events: 1. Daily 2. Weekly 3. Monthly Some casinos also offer seasonal events that fall outside these lengths. For example, you might see an event that lasts for a fortnight, or perhaps one that lasts for six weeks. The longer it runs for, the more chance there is that it could include some major prizes. Whichever tournament you intend to enter, it is best to be in at the start if you can. Most casinos have a tourney schedule you can look through, to see when each event starts and finishes. Make sure you read through that to note when your favorite events start and what is involved with each one.

Who powers the slot tournaments at Slotastic?

One thing we always like to see is a big name supporting any slot tournament or event. The best thing about participating in tournaments at Slotastic is that they are powered by one of the biggest brands in the industry – Realtime Gaming. You might know them as RTG, but whichever way you refer to them, their games are among the best you could try when aiming to do well in a tournament. You’ll need to download the casino software to get access to the current and forthcoming tournaments available at Slotastic. This doesn’t take long, and it means you’ll be able to see which events are ready for you to participate in. There are freerolls along with paid tourneys, so you are sure to find something you’ll love to play. Check out the assorted prize pools, games on offer, and exciting times to be had at Slotastic.

Tournament Action

Slotastic casino understands players aspirations and preferences, which means that Slotastic tournaments are geared towards players’ choices. Realtime Gaming has been supplying high-quality casino games and slots, to Slotastic for almost ten years. They are providing the best slots for the tournaments so that players can be assured of quality as well as choice.

$100 Weekly Freeroll Tournament

The most popular tournament at present is the Freeroll Tournament, which takes place every week, with a new slot each week. Participating in the Freeroll Tournament is free, and the players with the most credits at the end of the tournament are displayed on a leaderboard. The top players get to share the spoils of war! Which is the $100; this is just one of the great slot tournaments on offer at Slotastic Casino.

How to enter a tournament

To join one of the many tournaments, players first need to sign up at Slotastic. The casino software can then be downloaded to a PC in minutes. Of course, once players sign up, they will have access to all the casino features, the welcome bonus, special casino promotions, and the tournaments. Playing at a tournament is an unmissable experience that every player needs to experience to truly appreciate the immersive and atmospheric qualities of a slot tournament. The tournaments can be accessed from the main casino lobby, using the Tournaments tab, located on the side menu. Then just select the tournament you would like to join, and you are ready to go.

Slotastic Fantastic

Slots are a big part of Slotastic Casino. Players will find a wealth of popular slot titles such as; Achilles slots, Bubble Bubble, Cash Bandits, and Aztec’s Millions among the most played slots. The casino takes pride in offering top quality customer support, and there is a mobile version of the casino to satisfy players who prefer mobile gaming on their tablets, or smartphones. Both Android and iOS systems are supported. The casino offers several genres of casino games, including progressive jackpot slots, 3-reel, and 5-reel slots, and bonus video slots. Aficionados of table games and video poker won’t be disappointed either as Slotastic Casino offers several variants of all the classic table and card games. The tournaments are only part of the excitement and action happening at Slotastic Casino. Try out a tournament and experience what real gambling is like, in totally immersive and atmospheric surroundings. Welcome to Slotastic Casino Tournaments, where dreams come true.