Slotastic Casino is offering a special Jackpot offer which can be used on any of our games that offer Progressive Jackpots.

A Progressive Jackpot is an accumulated fund where everyone playing on the online casino (Slotastic) contribute a minute amount every time a wager is made. This fund quickly increases with the number of players continuously pooling in small amounts after small amounts of cash. These Progressive Jackpots continue to be topped up almost every minute until they reach astronomical proportions when they are finally won by a Lucky Slotastic Casino player. Once the Jackpot is won and claimed, it is reset to a lower amount and starts building up again almost immediately. Some of these Progressive Jackpot pay out sooner with slightly smaller amounts, others continue to build up until they are won. A third variety are the ones that guarantee payout when reaching a certain (high) amount. The Jackpot feature, whether Progressive or not is by far the most exciting feature on any Slot machine. Those Slots that do not have any Jackpots normally pay out higher wins to compensate for this, but nevertheless, the Jackpot is the Holy Grail for players to win and a dream come true.

In fact, over $5m in prizes are at stake within the Progressive Jackpot pools on our exclusive collection of Slot games. Aztec's Millions is one of them. The intriguing theme coincides with the Progressive Jackpot to offer huge Jackpot payouts. Another great Slot featuring a Progressive Jackpot is the majestic and terrifying Megasaur. It is also available with such well known Slots Shopping Spree II and Spirit of the Inca and a couple of others, in fact 6 games from our selection offer this great Progressive Jackpot feature.

Slotastic 75% Jackpot Bonus

This amazing Bonus gifts you a 75% Jackpot Bonus on the 6 games offering the feature. By depositing just $25 today, you will be adding the 75% Bonus to your account, up to $125. With this offer valid every month, once a month, it can be enjoyed month after month.

The sheer excitement of winning the Jackpot especially if it is a high amount Progressive Jackpot will be an experience of a lifetime. Not to mention all you can do with such a large cash pool in your account. The imagination can run wild with possibilities and options that will open up to you.

Progressive Jackpots are not available on all the games but only a select few which have proved to be popular with players and have passed quality and Fair Play tests. These games are the "creme de la crane" of online Slot games. They have earned their right to be up there with the very best. And you have earned the right to play the very best Slot games the industry has to offer. Our Jackpot Special offer together with our Progressive Jackpot Slot games will provide you with an authentic gaming experience with exponentially increased chances of winning huge payouts rather than petty cash! Take advantage of the best and you will become the best yourself.

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