Aztec's Millions Slots

The Aztec’s are an ancient and mysterious group of people from South America. They are well-known throughout history, and seem like an intimidating group. Aztec’s Millions builds on the information that we have about Aztecs and creates a fun and exciting slot experience. The online slot game offers many different ways to win, and has an exciting maximum jackpot that’s sure to lure in at least a few interested gamblers that want to try it out.

Fixed Wagering

We don’t normally like slot games that force players to wager a set amount of money. We think it’s a bit too limiting and can make gambling conditions poor for many different groups of players. Aztec’s Millions offers a bit of a compromise though. It forces all players to wager $5.00 per spin, which is too expensive for some gamblers, but many can afford the cost. It’s also an amount that is lower than what most high-rollers would be interested in, but thanks to the massive progressive jackpot that this game offers gamblers, it’s still a worthwhile option to consider for the high rollers looking for big wins.

Stacks of Wilds

The Aztec King symbol is wild and appears on the three central reels of this slot game. This symbol comes stacked up, which means that you are likely to get multiple wilds on the same reel at the same time. These wilds can show up on each of the three reels at the same time, creating amazing prize-winning opportunities. It’s very common to trigger several different prize combinations at the same time with help from these powerful wilds.

Become a Millionaire

It’s rare for a slot game to have the potential to actually make you a millionaire. Aztec’s Millions lives up to its name though and offers you the legitimate opportunity to win over one million dollars while playing. To do this you need to get five of the game’s logo symbols. When you do that you will be rewarded with the massive progressive jackpot payout. This is a huge win, and makes the slot game very exciting to play as long as you can afford to keep spinning the reels until you get a good win.

Idol Spins

Three or more idol symbols will trigger the free spin bonus round of this slot game, creating more opportunities for you to unlock some good payouts. In Aztec’s Millions when you get enough idol symbols you will enjoy between 5 and 25 free spins. Each one of those spins has a 3x multiplier so you can win bigger and better prizes during these rounds. Getting five of the chief symbols during this special bonus round will help you trigger a maximum prize payout of 15,000 coins or up to $75,000 for a maximum wager. That’s a good amount of cash for any gambler looking to expand their bankroll.

Aztec’s Millions is a fun slot game because of the huge payout potential that it offers you. If you are lucky enough to trigger the progressive jackpot, it could literally change your life. Even if you aren’t lucky enough to win the massive jackpot, you could still get some decent wins from the slot while playing through one round after another. That’s why it’s worth testing out as long as you can afford the wager amount.