Panda's Gold Slots

Panda’s Gold is an online slot game with an Asian theme and a serene backdrop. The symbols of this slot are nicely designed and the feature-set of the game is impressive. If you’re interested in making the most of your time with this slot game, it’s worth testing out at least once to see if you like it or not.

A Serene Look

The first thing that you’ll notice when loading up Panda’s Gold is that it’s a calm and serene looking slot game. It’s set out in the country with a beautiful pond and some stone structures around it. The game is set to a bright and cheerful day, and there are some leaves slowly dropping down into the pond below to create a relaxing animation that you can’t help but enjoy when you’re getting started with a bit of gambling.

Odd Wagering

There are a total of 88 paylines in Panda’s Gold, but while you are wagering it will only feel like you are wagering on 50 paylines. You can wager a minimum of $0.50 per spin and a maximum of $500.00 per spin. The slot game offers an excellent range of bets, and most gamblers should be able to play the game comfortably without feeling like they are risking too much or too little. Thanks to the way that this slot game works, you’ll have a much better chance of unlocking some decent payouts while playing. Every 50 line bet that you place will result in 88 actual paylines and many more chances to win.

Small Payouts

During the base rounds of Panda’s Gold you can’t expect to uncover massive prize payouts. The best win that you can get is 888 coins, and that comes from getting five of the bird symbols. After that is a 288 coin payout for getting five of the peacock symbols, and five of the koi will reward you with a 188 coin payout. These payouts are pretty small compared to other slot games, and won’t excite players nearly as much as the larger payouts would.

Scatter Re-Spin

Since getting three or more scatter symbols will trigger the special bonus round, Panda’s Gold comes with a built-in feature to help you improve the quality of the bonus features that you get to enjoy. If you manage to get three or more scatter symbols, you’ll receive the scatter payout and then the game will freeze those scatter reels and give you a re-spin on all the others. If you get another scatter it will be frozen in place and you’ll receive yet another free spin. You won’t enjoy any additional payouts after those re-spins, but will instead have a chance at an improved bonus game feature.

Three Different Free Game Opportunities

When playing Panda’s Gold there are three different free game opportunities that you can unlock by getting three or more scatter symbols. The feature you get is determined by the total number of scatters that you use to unlock it, so you always want to go for the best possible feature that you can for bigger payout potential.

Prosperity is the lowest of the features and triggers when you get three scatter symbols. With this feature in place you get 8 free spins where wilds serve as a 3x multiplier.

Wealth is the next step up in terms of features, and gives you 8 free spins where any prize payouts including wilds offer an 8x multiplier for big win potential.

Prosperity is the bonus feature that you unlock when you have a total of 5 scatter symbols. During this bonus you get eight free spins where all prize payouts come with a 5x multiplier and prizes that include a wild have a nice 8x multiplier for huge wins.

Panda’s Gold is a cool online slot game thanks to all the different bonus features that you can take advantage of while you are playing one round from the next. We love the three different bonus games that are offered, even though they all feel very similar. The serene look of the game is what made us want to give it a try, but the excellent feature-set made it worth sticking around and playing more.