Crazy Vegas Slots

Take in all the fun and excitement of Las Vegas in this one slot game, Crazy Vegas, online. The slot is designed to be bright, colorful and fun, and to show off some of what Vegas is well-known for. The slot has different casino symbols, there are stacks of money, dice, showgirls, a game logo, roulette tables and more in this slot game. We really liked the design of the symbols for this slot, which is one of the reasons we decided to test it out.

Crazy Betting Options

In a slot game named Crazy Vegas it should come as no surprise to you that you can wager a whole lot of cash. It’s possible to wager as much as $500.00 on a single spin of the reels in this slot, which means that you can win crazy big prize payouts as well. There are 20 paylines, and you can turn the lines on and off as you see fit. These lines can all take a single line bet between $0.01 and $25.00. It’s up to you to choose a wager amount you are comfortable with, but with a huge range of $0.01 to $500.00 it could be just about anything.

The Crazy Vegas is a Scatter and Wild

The Crazy Vegas symbol is a very powerful tool that will help you win good solid prize payouts. It’s both a scatter and a wild and is just the tool that you want to win more effectively. With this symbol you can get up to a 100x prize payout times your entire wager if you manage to get five of them. The symbol will sub in for other symbols as well, helping you win prizes more frequently as you play online.


Crazy Vegas comes with an Autoplay feature so that you can easily keep the reels turning even if you have to walk away for a moment. The feature will take the game through hundreds of spins without any input from you. Get all the settings at a level you are comfortable with and then let the game do its thing.

Winning Big with the Big Bonus Feature

If you get two or more of the Big Bonus symbols on the reels of Crazy Vegas, you’ll trigger the Big Bonus feature. This special bonus feature has you stop two different spinning reels. You’ll get a number on each of the stopped reels and those numbers are multiplied together and then multiplied by your total wager amount to give you the total payout for the round. It’s possible to win thousands from this feature.

Win Random Jackpots

In Crazy Vegas there are some crazy prize opportunities just like in the real Las Vegas. One of the most unexpected prizes is the random progressive jackpot that you can win without even realizing that you’ve won. This special jackpot grows in size with each spin that you and other players on Crazy Vegas make. The jackpot is awarded randomly to one of the players and the amount gets reset down for everyone when that happens. The prize payout occurs after your standard spin and standard win is paid out if you have one, so it will be an unexpected prize.

We love the bright colors and flash of Crazy Vegas, but we love the excellent wagering options and good solid prize payouts even more. Overall the slot is worth playing. It just offers a good mix of features that make it worth trying at least once. If you want a high quality slot to test out that has a pretty standard theme, this is the one for you.