Cubee The Travel Adventure Slots

Cubee, The Travel Adventure is a fantasy slot by Real Time Gaming Asia which is like no slot you have ever seen before. It does not have pay lines as such, nor are there any reels to house the symbols. They just float onto your screen and revolve magically! The game has only one coin size of $0.01; however, the betting options are satisfying and broad-ranging nonetheless. The game symbols are designed vibrantly, and they scream out of the screen at you when they land and line up to create winking payouts. The game is loaded with bonuses, multipliers and free spins which add to the innovative gameplay. The theme takes you through various periods of earth’s history, from the Stone Age to the Vikings era, all the way to the Age of Pirates. Each new space in time brings with it opportunities to get energy boosts that will take you to another place on time. The game allows you to pick up free spins and multipliers along the route of your cosmic journey through time. They can be redeemed when you complete your mission and return to planet Earth at the right time zone.

Time Travel Theme & Cosmic Symbols

The theme is heavily influenced by time-travel, as the name suggests. You start your quest during the formative Stone Age where you are faced with missions and tasks that will take you on to the next level and another space in time. Once you accomplish your Stone Age tasks, you move on to the next period of history, the Vikings age. This level allows you to collect various Viking age weapons and the bow and arrow symbols take you on to the Age of Pirates, with fresh, new challenges to face. Upon completing your noble quest, you are returned to present day Earth to redeem all your prizes and gifts you had collected on the way. The game symbols are not plentiful, yet frequently appear on the screen and pay out often. You will find gens such as some Bones, the amiable Casper, the essential Energy Balls, the devil: Lucifer, and our hero Spike. Real Time Gaming Asia has come up with a real winner with Cubee The Time Adventure!

Wagering, Controls & Astro-Payouts

Cubee serves up a brilliant choice of betting options which are all controllable via the designated on-screen buttons. They provide access to all the functions of the game allowing you to customise play and set your wagers accurately. The buttons are intuitively designed so you won’t get confused using them. There are all the usual suspects like Bet, Spin, AutoPlay, and more. You can bring up the paytable onto your screen to check out all the paying combinations and values of all the winning symbol combinations. Betting the maximum limit could earn you an astronomical payout of 50,000x your trigger bet! The symbols pay out reasonably well when you get identical ones upon the pay lines, and you can expect this high-volatility slot to pay out well if you keep at it!

Mobile in Space & Time

The Cubee mobile game is a pretty immersive and impressive affair containing all the exceptional features of the main desktop version. It has been prepared and optimised for premium mobile gaming and loads up to your mobile super-fast. Whether using a tablet or mobile phone, you get all the same features and functions, and the game is compatible with all primary mobile devices and their latest operating systems. You can choose to download the game to your personal computer or any mobile device. Alternatively, you have the added option of playing by using Instant Play mode, where you won’t have to download the game or wait more than a couple of seconds to load up on your screen.


If you only try one new slot game this month, you just have to try out Cubee The Travel Adventure. It serves up an entirely different kind of slot experience with just as much action and wagering possibilities as any other slot. The game breaks new ground and is setting the trend for future slot game designs. The symbols float onto the centre of the screen, and the absence of the actual reels or pay lines isn’t felt at all!