The Mariachi 5 Slots

Even the word mariachi has an engaging tone to it, especially when you say it out loud. If you know your music, you might even give that word an appropriate accent. If you don’t know who The Mariachi 5 are, you are about to find out. This title refers to a band from Mexico that plays Mexican music – uplifting and entertaining all in one go.

Upon closer inspection, the members of the band are all skeletal in nature, but it could just be makeup. We doubt it, although they all look happy to be playing their instruments. You don’t often see skeletons with mustaches, but you will if you load this game!

A quick glance at The Mariachi 5

This is a fine slot packed with every color under the sun. The theme may not be original, but you will get an entertaining feel from this slot from the moment you load it ready to try.

Who created this game?

The Mariachi 5 comes to us fresh from Real Time Gaming. They have had a busy year so far, and this is borne out by this slot as their latest release.

Does The Mariachi 5 have a proper demo?

Yes, it certainly does. As you would expect from RTG, the demo acts just the same as the proper version. It just means you can check it out with demo credits in play instead of real cash. No risk to you in finding out how the game works.

The Mariachi 5 theme is…

Pretty obvious, wouldn’t you say? Even if we hadn’t already mentioned the Mexican setting, the mention of mariachi bands would suggest we are indeed being transported to Mexico to enjoy this game. The backdrop adds to the theme by depicting a Mexican street filled with color, much like the reels themselves.

Game design elements

The band consists of five members – of course – and each one gets a different color that appears in varying shades to mark them out from the other band members. It is hard not to like the color splashed all over this slot – it makes the game very easy on the eye and nice to play for longer periods if you wish. It is very happy looking, for sure.

Which type of slot is this?

The game brings five reels into play. Each of these includes three icons on it, so there are 15 shown on every spin. You must hope for enough matching ones to deliver a prize. The lower-valued icons are unfortunately restricted to the usual letters and numbers seen in lots of other games. That is a shame, but at least the higher-paying ones are the Mariachi band members themselves.

The game is not a progressive jackpot game, so there are no details of this given on the screen. The paytable will tell you what the prizes are, and which ones are the best of all.

Two special symbols are included in the game. The first is a grouped wild (shown as WILD) on the second and fourth reels. It does not appear on any of the other reels. It will not stand in for the scatter, which is shown as a pinata. Everything else is fine though. It is good to watch out for that pinata for reasons we shall explain in a moment.

How many paylines are included?

RTG has decided not to include any paylines in this slot game. That means the alternative is way wins, of which there are 243 in this instance.

How to bet on the game

If you have tried a few way-win slots before, you will know how they work in relation to your bets. The idea is that all the ways to get prizes will be covered in each spin. That means one bet covers them all, but it may not be as big as you think. Just 30 cents is the required minimum bet to cover the 243 ways, so this could see your budget stretch further than you might have expected. Bigger bettors can cover the game for larger sums per spin too.

Finding the paytable and making good use of it

See those lines popping up in the bottom right corner of the game screen? Those lines hide the paytable. This tells you everything you will need to know about the slot prior to playing it. Once the game has loaded and is ready to go, you can access this to find out the details.

Does the game include bonus rounds?

No, but don’t worry because it has something else to look forward to.

Does The Mariachi 5 have any free spins up for grabs?

Yes, as you might have guessed it would. The pinata, as per usual, is the scatter key to this feature. Finding three or more will trigger the free spin choice screen. Yes, you get more than one option for playing this feature.

Since there are five members of the mariachi band in action, each one has a different offer for you to consider. The free game quantity is the first thing to consider, with five, eight, 10, 12, or 15 games to choose from. Most people would automatically go for the largest number, and you might well do that. But bear in mind the multiplier goes up the fewer games you go for.

This means for the above game quantities you would receive an 8x, 5x, 4x, 3x, or 2x multiplier for anything won during those games. The more you choose, the lower the multiplier goes.

Whichever option you decide to go for (and you can choose differently if you trigger it twice from the base game during your session), there are a couple of elements to look forward to. The best symbols in the game are the wilds and scatters. Both appear more frequently during the free games. Secondly, if another three pinatas show up in the same free game, you can get another set of spins.

Game RTP for The Mariachi 5

No details are yet available to confirm this figure.

How highly do we rate this game?

The presentation and features make this a great 9 out of 10 game for us. Even though there are no bonus elements to watch out for, we do get a chance to play different versions of the free spin feature. That feature has other tweaks too, so this game scores highly with us.

Has the game produced any notable winners?

We haven’t heard about any, and since there is no progressive jackpot for people to go for, there is a chance we may never hear of anyone else winning one of the bigger prizes the game can offer.

Opting for the practice version of the game

Reading a long slot game review like this one is great for helping you understand more about a game, especially if it is a new title. However, you cannot beat trying the demo for more information. We suggest you do that if you want to play this game. The demo will be available at all online casinos featuring this game.

Changing over to try the game with real wagers

If you like what you see and you decide you do want to devote some of your budget to playing the real version of the game, you can make it happen by switching from demo to real play. Just be sure you are a member of the casino you are playing at, and that you have deposited funds in your account.

Will you try the game on a tablet or smartphone?

You can if you wish, since the new release is available for all platforms. That includes download, instant play, and of course the mobile platforms as well. Owners of iOS or Android devices will be happy to hear that. Most smartphones shouldn’t have any issues accessing The Mariachi 5 when their owners visit a casino offering this game for their members to enjoy.