Trigger Happy Slots

You probably know the term ‘trigger happy’. It means being happy to pull the trigger of a gun. We can therefore guess that guns might play a part in this new Trigger Happy slot game. We can also take our cues from the clues provided in the promotional image for this new game. For example, two cowgirls would seem to suggest we are not in the present day. The Old West is our destination for playing this game, and we can use that information to help us as we press ahead to cover more in our full review.

What do we know about the Trigger Happy slot?

Since we are in the Old West here, it should not come as a surprise to spot six shooters and other familiar icons on the reels of the game. The opening image also reveals a guy in a cowboy hat with a shotgun over one shoulder. There is certainly going to be some action in this game.

Who developed this game?

Real Time Gaming is behind this one, which is the latest in a selection of titles from them for 2019. You’re probably aware of some of their other titles, such as Asgard, Eagle Shadow Fist, Hillbillies Cashola, and Orc vs Elf.

Can you start with a demo version?

It would be very unlikely to find a modern slot release from RTG that did not include a demo to play. Trigger Happy will be available with this option for those that wish to use it.

About the Trigger Happy slot theme

This is obvious from the moment the game loads. Six shooters, cowgirls, and cowboy hats all roll into the Western theme that has been used to great effect in other slots as well. Will this slot beat all the rest to the punch and prove itself in quick order?

Game design details

We were immediately impressed by the design of this game. It is not the most colorful slot you will ever play, but Western slots often use browns and other natural tones to help set the scene. There are some occasional splashes of color though, ones you can see in the Western-style type for the A, K, and Q symbols and the other symbols too.

Type of slot

Expect to see five reels here in a game that uses the familiar 5 x 3 format. There are two progressive jackpots involved as well, both of which are highlighted above the fourth and fifth reels. When the minor jackpot is won, it resets to a value of $250. When the major one drops, it resets to $1,000.

You don’t get one wild in this slot – you get two instead. And yes, these are represented by those cowgirls. The redheaded one appears on the first and second reels of the game. She can appear grouped too, as can the blonde cowgirl. In her case, reels four and five are her domain. Wilds never replace scatters, shown here as sheriff’s badges. Those are responsible for triggering scatter prizes over the reels.

How many paylines are included?

We get 30 lines to bet on here. The game requires us to bet on the lot, as they are fixed in position.

Different betting options provided

It is easy to look through the various options the game provides you with. Use the plus and minus controls to sort out the coins and settle on one you can use. Remember to multiply your chosen coin by 30x to get the spin bet. This is also clearly shown on the screen.

Information about the Trigger Happy paytable

See the icon showing a stack of coins together with an arrow? That is the link that takes you to the game paytable. It reveals everything there is to know about the game – information that could help you decide how to play it.

Does Trigger Happy come with any potential bonus rounds?

The slot has a random feature which is simply called Lucky. This can drop following any spin of the reels. You will be rewarded in one of two ways if Lucky does trigger. You will either get between five and 10 spins to play at no charge or you will unlock the bonus Trigger Happy feature. We will explain how this works below.

Could you get some free spins during play?

Yes, this is the Trigger Happy feature and it is unleashed whenever you find three or more scattered sheriff’s badges in one spin. The two cowgirls appear, and you must select one. Whichever one you pick will add a 2x boost to anything won with her help.

Your choice also comes with a random bonus element to add to those free games. If you selected the redhead, she will either count for a scatter on each reel one appears, or she will be in play as an expanded fixed wild on reel one.

If you selected the blonde, you will either see her as an expanded fixed wild on reel five, or on reels four and five in expanded format for those spins. Whatever happens, you can be sure the free games will be more intriguing than they would otherwise be.

There is a retrigger for these games too. Three scattered badges would in this instance bring five more freebies.

Game RTP for the Trigger Happy slot game

This is unknown, but it will likely become available soon. When it does, we will update this section to reflect the new information.

Our rating for Trigger Happy slots

We think this game looks great and is likely to be another successful release for RTG. We are going to give it 9 out of 10 points, thanks to the random feature, the free spins, and the various elements that could be seen in those spins.

Finding news of slot game winners

Nothing has come up for this game yet, but it is early days. With two progressive jackpots players are going to be interested in, and minimum reset values too, it is likely we will hear of some big winners before too long.

Playing the game just for fun

Getting started with Trigger Happy slots in this way is ideal. You can never tell how much you will like (or hate) a game until you play it. Choosing to start with the demo means you will not need to be concerned about potentially wasting your available budget. Demo play allows you to find out everything prior to making any proper bets.

Switching to the real version of the game with real bets in action

You can do this at any casino offering this game. RTG-powered casinos are usually easy to find, so check out the addition of this game there.

Mobile play possibilities

The game has been released to play on all platforms. Regardless of the model or make of smartphone or tablet you have, you shouldn’t experience any issues opting for the mobile version of Trigger Happy slots.