Orc vs Elf Slots

At the beginning of the game with the conclusion of the introductory movie players choose whether they want to the orc or the elf to represent them as their champion. Once the player has made his choice the game begins whether playing for fun or real money or in the auto play mode that allows the player to preset the number of spins that the game runs for consecutively.

Root for Champion Wins

The game is filled with swords, crossbows, skulls, potions, wolves and unicorns. Both the orc and the elf are wild, the orc appears on reel 1 where it expands to cover the whole of the reel and can substitute for other symbols and the elf appears on reel 5 where it also can substitute for any of the symbols apart from the scatter. Depending on what the player has chosen as his champion he can trigger the bonus game with three or more of the orcs or three and more of the elves on the screen. Three of the orcs will trigger the start of 7 different orcholme features and three of the elves will trigger 7 of the road to Elveros features.

The Seven Level Orcholme Feature

The orcholme feature starts with the goblins gold that awards players 5 free spins and they move from that to the hobgoblin that gives players an extra free spin with two extra scatters appearing. After that is the orc army then comes the orc forts feature with an extra wild followed by the orc horde with extra free spins and a triple multiplier from the darkling symbol followed by 7 chaos free spins and then the orc onslaught giving the player more chances to win the 8 super spins.

The Road to Elveros Bonus Feature

Three and more of the elves takes players to the road to Elveros that starts with 6 free spins given in the woodland spins and continues with an extra wild awarding in the elf magic feature, followed by 7 free spins in the huntsman feature. The ancient archer feature gives the player extra wilds as does the archmage after every free spins. The forestal feature gives players super spins and this bonus game ends with 8 free spins given from the elf king. An extra chance to win one of the bonus feature games is triggered when the player lands three or more of the bonus feature symbols on the screen.He will either win the orc or the elf bonus feature or benefits from a consolation prize if he does not win a bonus game, During these bonus games the player earns champion points and with a total of 5 champion points the player becomes the ultimate winner and is declared champion of the game. Luckily this game can be tried out for fun and practice because there is a lot to take in when playing the game and it is a good idea to try it out for fun before placing real money bets.