Derby Dollars Slots

If you like horse racing but want a simpler gambling experience Derby Dollars is an interesting option for you. It's an online slot game that's themed after horse racing. Essentially you will spin the reels, turn up a bunch of horse-racing themed symbols and hope that you get some high paying combinations of symbols on the reels. It's simple to play, though it is a bit generic looking. If you're after an exciting online slot game, this one is worth looking into. We cover the features offered down below.


In Derby Dollars wagering is simple and easy to do. You can set the coin value from $0.01 to $5.00 for each and every coin in the slot game. Once the coin value is set, you can then choose how many lines you want to wager on at a time. You can go from the minimum number of lines to the maximum number of 20 lines depending on what sort of gambling experience you want to have. With these two settings you can easily adjust your wager amount from the very low level of $0.01 to the maximum amount of $100.00 per spin. That's a good range to work with if you ask us.

Decent Fixed Payouts

Derby Dollars pays out odd numbers of coins to gamblers, but it can offer some decent prize payouts despite this weird feature. When playing this slot you can win up to 3,333 coins on a single spin during the standard rounds. You get that prize payout with five horses on the same payline. With five lady symbols you'll trigger a 2,000 coin payout and five of the jockey symbols or four horses gives you a 1,000 coin prize payout. The top fixed payout is worth as much as $16,665 if you have a maximum wager in place while playing giving each coin a value of $5.00.

Wild Horses

Not only is the horse symbol the best paying of all the different slot symbols in Derby Dollars, it's also the wild! These symbols can show on any of the five reels, and getting one will give you a chance of trigger more prize payouts since it will take the place of all but the scatter symbols.

Using Autoplay

Derby Dollars comes equipped with an Autoplay feature that makes it possible to keep the reels spinning even when you walk away from the slot game. With this feature enabled you can very easily go through hundreds of spins without having to press the button. If you plan on going through a lengthy play session, consider using the Autoplay button to save your fingers and enjoy the slot game more.

Winning Big with Free Spins

Getting three or more scatter symbols triggers the free spin bonus round for you in Derby Dollars, and gives you additional chances to win a whole lot of cash. You can get between 5 and 25 free spins, and during those rounds any wins that you get will be tripled in size. That means the maximum win you can get is 9,999 coins, which is a whole lot of cash. In this special bonus round you'll see additional wilds and scatters showing up on the reels, giving you more chances to win as well.

Random Jackpot

Derby Dollars has a random progressive jackpot prize that you can trigger at any time while playing the slot game. It gives you a chance to unlock thousands of dollars, and you don't have to do anything special in order to unlock the payout. Just keep spinning and hope that you'll trigger the jackpot that will only continue growing and growing the whole time you play.

Derby Dollars is a pretty generic looking slot game, but we really like the features of the game itself. It offers some solid payouts and isn't too bad to play. If you like the theme of the slot you'll want to check it out, otherwise it's something worth trying but it might not be your new favorite.