Frog Fortunes Slots

Animals are common enough sights in online slots. However, the frog mentioned in the title of this game isn’t what you would expect. The golden frog looks over the game as you play, giving you plenty of depth when you’re watching the screen. If you want to see what happens next, sit tight as we’ve got the answers. Let the Frog Fortunes begin…

Let’s start with details of the developer

Realtime Gaming came up with this neat idea, and it looks just as good as most of their other recent games.

Can you play a demo game?

You can, yes, but you may already have guessed that since the game is from RTG – and they always supply the practice version.

Is this a frog-filled theme?

Not as such, as the golden frog is about the only appearance you’ll see. You will step into a jungle here, so expect lots of exotic plants and a touch of the Aztec in the appearance.

What’s the Frog Fortunes slot design like?

Excellent – the game gets 10/10 in this department. The appearance draws you into the game and makes everything look more involved. It doesn’t look like a standard slot if you get what we mean.

Getting down to the details…

The Frog Fortunes slot offers five reels, with each symbol inside a hexagon. This means the reels look staggered rather than appearing in the usual manner. It changes things up a bit, but the game still plays the usual way.

The game doesn’t have any progressive prizes. That may not be a surprise, but it might shock you to discover there isn’t a wild in play. Don’t worry, though – you should look for a bomb instead. More about that in a moment…

Paylines don’t appear here

And that means we have a way wins slot to play instead. The maximum quantity of possible winning combinations amounts to 243.

Place a single wager on each spin

You can play from a mere quarter per spin here, with other options also available. However, the biggest bet stops at just $6.25, which is far lower than you’d see in lots of other games.

Make sure you check out the paytable

Frog Fortunes adds this to the bottom of the game screen. You’ll find it on the left side and it gives you more details about the game before you start spinning those reels.

Bonus bomb action

Right – let’s see how that bomb works. Just one is required on a spin to activate the feature connected to it. When a bomb shows up, it always explodes. It takes out several icons around it, exploding on one of 10 potential patterns. Watch and see what happens when this occurs.

All vacated places on the reels then get new symbols landing in them… and each spot will always receive the same symbol. This could create a winning combination for you. If it does, you will see the winning symbols disappear in the usual symbol drop element you’ve probably seen in other slots. New symbols then drop into their places and this can continue several times if you continue to find new prizes.

Free spins don’t appear in this game

Sadly, no such spins turn up here.

RTP info is out of bounds too

You may have guessed that given the fact that this is from RTG.

Our rating: How high does Frog Fortunes go up the scale?

On our scale of 10 points, we’re dropping this one into the 7.5 position. There are some good features here, albeit limited ones, but when those bombs appear, things can get interesting.

Smaller prizes on offer for winners in this game

We know there are no progressives here, and a quick look at the paytable reveals that the game has some smaller prizes than you might expect. That’s because this is a lower volatility slot compared with some others from the same developer.

Play for practice

Meet the frog, spin the reels, and see how you fare with the demo coins included within the practice version of the game.

Play for real by joining an RTG casino

There are lots of these to choose from, so you need only make sure you join the one that appeals to you before you play the real version. Just check your wagers before you begin.

Mobile frog-filled action

Yes, you can view the frog on a smartphone or tablet if you wish, with both Android and iOS available to use whenever you’re ready to get underway with some spins. Looking for those bombs to appear is ideal on any size of screen, as you’ll see.