Golden Glove Slots

Golden Glove is the baseball-inspired slot game you always wish you knew about. The slot features a bunch of symbols that all relate to baseball and should give you something to look at as you play through one round after the next. The game is simple to learn and offers some exciting benefits as well. We wanted to try out this nice looking slot and were taken in by all that it has to offer when we finally tested it out fully.

Selecting Your Bet Amount

Any good slot game starts with choosing your wager amount, and Golden Glove is no different. Before you can begin playing this baseball themed slot you must place a wager. Wager amounts can go down to $0.01 for every spin and up to $100.00 per spin. This is the range that you have to work within, and it’s important that you think long and hard about the total amount that you want to wager while playing. Wager too much and you’ll be uncomfortable and risking too much, wager too little and you’ll be making the game too dull to play.

The Batter is a Good Symbol

The batter symbol is one of the key tools that you will utilize while playing Golden Glove. This special symbol will take the place of the other symbols in the game. Not only that, but the symbol doubles prizes that it helps create. The more batter symbols you get on the reels, the better, but you can only have up to three out on the reels at the same time.

Highest Paying Combinations

The very biggest win that you can get while playing a regular round of Golden Glove comes from the catcher symbols. You need four catchers and at least one batter symbol in order to create the maximum 5,000 coin payout. That’s worth up to $25,000 in cash with a maximum wager in place. Five catcher symbols alone will pay out 2,500 symbols, and four umpires with a single batter is worth 1,000 coins, which is another good win.

Trying for the Random Jackpot

You’ll be happy to know that no matter how much or how little you wager on Golden Glove, you are always eligible to win the progressive jackpot payout. This is a special prize pool that grows each time another player places a wager. With this jackpot present you can win thousands of dollars on a single spin, even when you have a small wager in place. To do this you just need to spin the reels and get lucky. If you are lucky enough you could be winning several thousands of dollars just by spinning the reels. Payouts are rewarded after your turn is complete and they can be given out to anyone. There is no special combination that is required, so you could win after any spin of the reels.

Utilizing Free Games

Golden Gloves comes packed with a home run bonus feature that gives you 9 free games and chances to win a ton of cash. To start this round up you need three or more of the golden glove symbols at once. Do that and you get 9 free spins with double prize payouts. If you manage to get the symbols H, I and T all on the reels at the same time during any of your spins, you’ll receive an instant 2x payout times your wagered amount, and an additional free spin added onto your total as well. This is just another one of the perks of playing through this special bonus round of the game. After your standard spins run out, you will move on the Grand Slam portion of this bonus game. You start off with one free spin in this round by default, and enjoy an additional free spin for each H, I, and T symbol combination that ou get. That means you can get several of these special free spin rounds.

During the Grand Slam bonus your spins come with a nice 5x multiplier. Not only that, but getting the H, I, and T symbols during this round gives you another free spin and between 5x and 100x your total wager amount for huge wins.

Golden Glove is a nicely designed online slot game that really appeals to most baseball fans. The slot is simple to play and there are many symbols that offer good solid payouts for you to look forward to. It’s those two things that make this slot worth trying.