Green Light Slots

Green Light is a fun racing themed online slot game that's designed to put you into a street race for real cash. This slot game looks and feels like a racing game from the very beginning, and it's been styled very nicely to help it stand out as well. From the moment that you begin playing the slot you'll be impressed with its appearance, or at least we were. We loved the way that the slot looked so much we decided to dive into all the features offered by this game, and we liked what we saw. Read more in our review to learn all about this slot.

Scatter Lights

The scatters in this slot game are very interesting, because they are working lights. These scatter symbols start off as clear lights, but once you get two or more of them, they transform themselves into green or red lights. You only get payouts from scatter symbols when you have two or more green light scatters, so hope that they transform into greens when they change. The scatters are worth up to 200x your total wager when you get five greens, though this is difficult to achieve. Scatter symbols are very common, but green light scatters are less common.

The Driver Wild

The driver symbol is an important wild that will help you win more cash while playing Green Light. Basically, this wild subs in for all but the scatter symbols. He will double any prizes that he helps create, and wilds show up quite frequently. Wilds are exciting to get because they will help you get prizes more frequently and they lead to the biggest wins that you can get during the standard rounds of this slot game. There is a lot of cash on the line when these guys are involved.

The Biggest Wins

There are a few symbols that are more important than the others. First and foremost is the driver symbol. Getting five of these wild symbols will reward you with a massive 10,000 coin jackpot payout. That's an exceptional win and could be worth tens of thousands of dollars depending on your wager amount. The next is the race car symbol itself. With help from at least one wild, the race car symbol is worth as much a 5,000 coins, or 2,500 coins when you get five of the cars itself. The lady racer is the next most valuable symbol and worth 1,000 on her own, or 2,000 with help from the wild symbol.

The Green Light Feature

Whenever you manage to get three or more green light scatters, you trigger the special bonus round of Green Light. During this round you pick from the five different cars that are available. The car that you choose determines how many free spins you get. If your car gets 1st or 2nd place you move on to another race to try to win bigger and better prizes. It's possible to get as many 25 free games during the first race and it's possible to get an instant reward payout worth between 5x and 100x your total wager amount during the second race. Once the free games begin any wins that you get from this slot game are instantly doubled. That means you can win up to 20,000 coins in a single spin during one of the free games.

Random Jackpots

There is also a random jackpot in Green Light that you can win at any time while you are playing. This special jackpot can trigger after any spin, and it isn't triggered by specific symbols. After one lucky spin you could end up with substantial prize wins, which is pretty darned exciting if you ask us.

Green Light is a nice online slot for street racing fans, and it offers a good theme and high paying prizes. With all the different wager options available and jackpots to be won, this slot game is a whole lot of fun.