Tiger Treasures Slots

Tiger Treasures is a nice jungle themed slot game that features tigers as the prominent character. This lush slot game has all sorts of pretty symbols that show up across the reels as you spin from one round to the next. If you're a fan of tigers or nature at all, you'll probably like the look of this slot game. It looked nice enough to catch our eye and we put together a full review on the slot game as a result. We were impressed by some elements of the game, and not so impressed with others. Learn what we experienced with this slot game, and use our experiences to help you decide whether to play it or not with our review below.

Huge Wagering Potential

High rollers love this slot game because of the massive top wagering limits available. Thanks to a maximum wager limitation of $25.00 on each of the 20 paylines, it's possible to wager as much as $500.00 per spin. At the low end you can wager as little as $0.01 on this slot game. With such a massive betting range to work with, players testing out tiger Treasures should be able to achieve a comfortable wager amount every single time they play.

Watch for the Tiger Logo

With a name like Tiger Treasures, we expected the tiger symbol to be an important one. The symbol is a powerful wild symbol that will fill in for any symbol other than scatters in this slot. The wild is also a multiplier and will triple every single prize payout that it helps create. All the best wins that you can create in this slot game include the Tiger wild for that very reason.

Decent Payouts

The best possible prize payout that you can get outside of a special bonus round of the slot is 4,500 coins and that's with the wild as well Ruby or Sapphire symbols. For serious high rollers that can afford to wager the maximum amount per spin, this top prize is worth $112,500. It's a significant prize for lower stakes gamblers as well, but not as life changing of an amount.

Winning with the Random Jackpot

Tiger Treasures, like many modern slot games features a powerful progressive jackpot that offers exciting prize payouts. This progressive jackpot isn't connected to any particular symbol combination, but you can trigger it randomly with the right amount of luck. Spin the reels enough and you could be the lucky player to unlock the jackpot and end up with thousands credited to your account. Even the low stakes gamblers are capable of trigger the jackpot on this slot game.

The More Tigers Free Spin Round

By getting three or more scatter symbols on the reels of Tigers Treasures, you'll trigger the free spin bonus game. This game offers you between 5 and 25 free spins with enhanced chances to win prizes. During these special rounds more tigers are added to the reels, so you are more likely to create prize winning combinations that are tripled in size. No special multiplier is added to free game wins in this slot game, but you will still get wins more frequently during this bonus round.

Tiger Treasures is a beautiful and modern slot game with just the right combination of features to make playing it interesting and fun. It's the type of slot game that you should test out at least once, and it's something that you'll likely enjoy. We were a little underwhelmed by the lower jackpot payouts of the slot, but the frequent wins help make up for the smaller prizes, and with huge wagers it's still possible to take home some seriously impressive wins from this slot.