Bunko Bonanza Slots

Bunko Bonanza Slots
Bunko Bonanza is an online slot game that’s created after a popular dice game. This slot is a bit confusing at first glance though, because it looks nothing like the dice game at all. Instead you get a bunch of colorful cupcakes and donuts and notepads and other random symbols. The slot game does toss in some dice, but overall you just get an interesting mix of symbols that don’t seem to follow a theme very well at all. That doesn’t mean the slot game isn’t worth playing though, because there are plenty of features that make it very enjoyable, which is what we will cover in our review below. Read through it and learn if this Bunko slot game is right for you or if you should be looking for something better to play.

Standard Wagering

If you’ve played other slot games before the wagering in Bunko Bonanza will be pretty standard to you. You get 20 variable paylines that can be turned on or off. Each of those lines accepts wagers between $0.01 and $5.00. Choose the line count you want to use and the value of each line and get started gambling. It’s simple and you can wager between $0.01 and $100 depending on your settings. We were able to choose a wager amount we were happy with, so we like the betting settings of this slot.

Valuable Bell Wilds

The bell symbols are wild in Bunko Bonanza and they will help you finish off all sorts of prize winning combinations These symbols don’t’ show on every one of the reels, but they do offer the helpful feature of doubling any prize they help create. With a bell symbol in your win you’ll get twice as much cash and you’ll have a shot at unlocking some of the highest paying prizes in this slot.

Small Top Payouts

We weren’t too impressed with the top payouts offered during the standard rounds of this slot game. You can only get up to 2,000 coins from a single prize winning symbol combination, and that’s with help from the wild symbol that actually doubles your payouts. This wild will transform the 1,000 coin payout offered by the doughnuts or sangria symbols to a 2,000 coin payout. These top payouts are worth around $10,000 with a maximum wager in place, but that’s not impressive when you are risking $100 per spin.

Bunko Free Spins

The Bunko dice symbols are your key to the powerful free spin bonus round. Get three or more of them and you’ll have a chance to enjoy some high paying free spin rounds. You will be tasked with rolling the dice before you start and you can get a multiplier between 2x and 6x with one roll and up to an additional 21 free spins with your other roll. You can enjoy up to a 12x multiplier in this round with some help from the bell wild as well. That means you could win up to 12,000 coins on a single spin with either the sangria or the donuts symbols.

An Exciting Progressive Jackpot

Finally, Bunko Bonanza offers a pretty generous progressive jackpot payout as well. It’s worth thousands of dollars and pays out randomly. You’ll never see it coming if you do unlock this jackpot, and you won’t have any indicator letting you know that you did other than the money pouring into your casino account. The jackpot is awarded after a spin and any spin money is paid out, so it’s a shock that will improve your experience with the game immensely.

While we don’t know anything about the Bunko dice game, we enjoyed Bunko Bonanza and the many features that this slot game has to offer. It’s nice looking and has good solid features with decent payouts and that’s enough for us.