Honey to the Bee Slots

Honey to the Bee is a fun online slot game that’s perfect for gambling during the summer months. It’s a game that’s themed around honey bees, but it showcases some other bits of nature like lady bugs. In this slot game you’re going to hopefully get as many worker bee symbols to show up on the reels as possible as you try and unlock the biggest prize payouts that you can. We were impressed with the range of features available and all the potential for prize wins with this slot. Read through our review to learn more.

Good Betting Options

Betting too low on a slot game makes it dull, while betting too high makes it stressful or difficult to win on. That’s why it’s so important to bet just the right amount when you get started. We look for slot games that offer a good range of possible wagers, and that’s the case with Honey to the Bee. At the low end you can wager as little as $0.01 on a single line for a $0.01 bet. At the high end you can wager as much as $5.00 per line across 20 lines for a $100.00 bet. It’s up to you to choose a wager amount that is comfortable for your budget and that will help you unlock the best possible prize payouts. We chose an amount in the middle of the two available extremes and enjoyed each spin with this slot.

Winning with the Worker Bee

The worker bee symbol is the wild in Honey to the Bee and is your key to winning the biggest prize payouts possible as well. This symbol can appear on four of the five reels, and getting it to show up in all four positions rewards you with an instant 5,000 coin payout. That’s the biggest fixed jackpot payout that you can get outside of a special bonus round in this slot game. This wild also helps complete other prize payouts and even doubles the prize value of any wins that you get using one or more of the symbols.

Unlocking the Bonus Round

Getting a worker bee symbol and a hive symbol on the same reel at the same time will trigger the special bonus round of Honey to the Bee. Do that and you’ll enjoy 15 free spins with a 2x multiplier on any wins that you can unlock. That means you could unlock a top prize payout of 10,000 coins worth up to $50,000 during this round. It also means that any win you have involving a worker bee will get you a 4x multiplier over the prize’s standard payout.

Win Big on the Progressive

One lucky player spinning on Honey to the Bee has a chance to unlock a huge progressive jackpot payout, regardless of how much money they are wagering at the time. There is no special symbol combination required to trigger this prize. Just spin the reels and hope for the best, and if you are the lucky gambler you’ll unlock the payout just like that. The prize payout is rewarded after your regular spin prizes are paid, and can be tens of thousands of dollars if you are lucky enough. The amount of the progressive jackpot is displayed at the center of the screen above the reels of the slot, and you can watch it go up as you spin again and again.