Incan Goddess Slots

Egyptian themed slots are very popular and overdone in our opinion, which is why we were happy to see Incan Goddess the online slot game. It’s based on another ancient culture, the Incans. This slot game has many traditional looking symbols including the sun symbol, an Incan goddess symbol, temples and other cool symbols, but it isn’t Egyptian themed! It’s a nice looking slot game and promises some pretty cool features that we really wanted to check out. Keep reading to learn what we found when we explored this slot game.

Understanding the Betting

Wagering is a major aspect of any online slot game, and it’s important to really think about what sort of options are available to you when placing a wager. When you play Incan Goddess you have a decent range to bet within, making it easy to get exactly the wager that you want in place before you ever spin the reels. If you are a low-stakes gambler, you will find it comfortable to play this slot with minimum wagers as low as $0.01 per spin. If you are a high stakes player, you can really get things going in Incan Goddess with wagers up to $100.00 per spin. Everyone else will want to wager somewhere in between those two extremes.

Big Wins with the Goddess

The goddess symbol is the wild in Incan Goddess and is a powerful tool to help you maximize your wins. She can appear on any of the reels and can help complete all sorts of paying combinations of symbols. With five goddess symbols you’ll unlock a jackpot payout worth 5,000 coins. With the goddess and other symbols, you’ll complete the prize winning combination and you’ll actually double the value of the prize as well. The goddess is a flexible tool to help you win more frequently and more exciting jackpot payouts.

A Random Jackpot

This slot game tosses in a random jackpot feature for good measure, giving you another way to win decent prize payouts. The slot is usually only worth a few thousand dollars, but anyone spinning has a chance of winning and it’s another payout for you to look forward to. When you give this slot game a try, you might just get lucky enough to trigger this very nice bonus payout.

Use Temples for Exciting Prizes and the Bonus

Temple symbols are nearly as powerful as the goddess symbols because they bring several different benefits into the game. The first is that they can help you unlock more frequent prize payouts than the other symbols do. You only need two of these symbols to trigger a small payout, and it’s possible to get an impressive prize payout worth 100x your total wager amount with help from these symbols. Not only do the temples help increase the number of payouts that you get, and allow you to get some impressive top payouts from the slot, but they also trigger the special bonus round of this slot, giving you more chances to win prizes.

Using the Bonus Free Spin Round

Incan Goddess features a 12 free spin bonus round that triggers every single time you get three or more of the scatter symbols. With this round activated, you will enjoy a 2x multiplier on any prize payouts that you get from the game. That means you can win up to 10,000 coins during this round, worth a maximum of $50,000 in cash with a top wager. That’s a respectable payout that most gamblers can get excited about.

Double or Something Bonus

Incan Goddess features a very cool gamble feature that triggers every single time you get five of a kind of any symbol. Do that and you’ll be given a chance to double your win. If you can guess the right option, red or black, you will double your win and come out with an even better payout. If you guess incorrectly, nothing happens, you just get to keep your original win. This is one of our favorite features and is the way that a gambling option should be incorporated into more slot games if you ask us.

Incan Goddess is a nice looking slot game, but it’s the features that make it worth playing. Between good solid prize payouts, that cool gamble feature and the bonus game, this slot is a lot of fun.