Mister Money Slots

Mister Money is an online slot game themed after the lifestyle of a rich playboy type character. Mister Money is a successful business man that has the cash, the jewelry, the cars and the private jet that most people aspire to have sometime in their life. He’s a successful guy, and the whole slot game is themed after him. AS you play the slot you’ll see jets, piles of cash, jewelry, sacks of money, and of course Mister Money himself. We didn’t fall in love with this slot game immediately, and decided to take the time to really get to know the game and put together a full review of our experience with it. Keep reading to learn more about this slot experience and how it was for us.

Wagering is Easy

Mister Money offers two different wagering adjustments that you can make while you play the slot. The first is the number of paylines that you have active while playing. Adjust this up or down to get to a comfortable number while gambling. The second is the total amount you have wagered on each of the different paylines. Adjust this figure up or down until you get to a comfortable level. With the adjustments you can go from a low of $0.01 to a high of $100.00 per spin. Choose carefully and you’ll have a comfortable playing experience all the while.

Stop for a Better Chance

In this slot you have more control over the reels and where they stop than you do in other slots because of the Stop button. This simple button stops the reels prematurely, letting you stop things when you think good symbols are going to be coming by. You don’t have complete control over what symbols you get to stop as you use the button, but it does help make the slot more interesting as you play it.

Lead Winning Opportunities

There are two different high paying symbols to be aware of when you play Mister Money. The first is the wild white diamond symbol, and the second is Mister Money himself. The white diamond is a wild, a 2x multiplier and the symbol that pays out the single highest fixed jackpot in the slot. Five diamonds will pay out 5,000 coins during the standard rounds and white diamonds even take the spot of scatter symbols. The Mister Money symbol is worth 1,250 coins if you get five of them, but can be valued at 2,500 with help from at least one of the white diamond symbols. Either of these two symbols can help you bag some seriously good wins while playing Mister Money.

Scattered Wins are Worth it

The scattered red diamond symbols are powerful tools that can help you win up to 50x your total wager amount as you play Mister Money. With a top wager in place, that means you can win as much as $50,000 from scatter symbols during the standard rounds of the game. When you factor in that the white diamond wilds can sub in for the red diamonds, it becomes very common to unlock scatter wins with these symbols, and even the elusive 50x bonus payout isn’t that difficult to unlock as you play.

The Bonus Game

If you manage to get three or more of the red scattered diamond symbols, that triggers the bonus game in this slot. That bonus game gives you free spins with a nice multiplier for some really good potential wins. To get the slot game started, you have 15 money bags to choose from, and you get 3, 4 or 5 selections depending on the number of scatters that you had. You start out the round with 5 free spins and a 2x scatter, but the bags can reveal 3 spins or different multipliers, giving you different types of free spin rounds to play through.

Mister Money is a stylish slot game that’s good for gamblers that like the idea of living large. It features some nicely created symbols, the free spin bonus game is pretty worthwhile, and overall the slot is a lot of fun to play through. Give it a chance yourself, and you’ll very quickly be able to tell if it’s the right slot for you or not.