Red Sands Slots

Red Sands is an Aussie themed online slot game that’s complete with kangaroos, koalas, colorful card symbols and more. It shows off some of the coolest wildlife of the area, and gives you a beautiful looking game to play from start to finish. The slot looks a bit cartoony, but offers a good range of payouts and features that makes it interesting to try out even if you aren’t looking for another slot game to test.

Limited Wagering Options

High rollers won’t like this slot game very much, though low stakes gamblers shouldn’t have any issue with the game. The minimum wager you can make while playing Red Sands is $0.01 per spin. The maximum you can wager per spin is $20.00. The top end of the wager limitations is far too low for most high rollers and is likely to scare some players away. Any low stakes gamblers should be alright with the slot game though.

A Limited Top Payout

Some slots offer tens of thousands of dollars in prize payouts on a single turn, but Red Sands isn’t one of them. The biggest prize payout that you’ll get from this slot during a single turn is 5,000 coins, which isn’t all that much cash when you consider that coin values can’t go above $1.00 each. That means the most you can expect to win from the slot during regular rounds if $5,000. It is possible to win more than that, but not during the standard rounds of this slot game.

Scatter Respins

Scatters work a bit different in Red Sands than they do in other slot games, because they must work together on paylines in order to award payouts. With that said, scatter symbols can offer you a special re-spin bonus in this slot game giving you chances to win more cash. Whenver you have two or more of the scatter symbols on the same payline, they will be held in position and the remaining lines will spin once again, giving you an additional chance to get more scatter symbols. This feature often results in more prize payouts from the slot and occasionally will give you additional scatters as well for bigger and better wins.

Anyone Can Win the Progressive Jackpot

Anyone that tests out Red Sands has a chance to unlock the large progressive jackpot prize that’s on offer. The amount it’s valued at is listed up above the slot game and it makes it clear from the very beginning just how much cash you are playing for. It’s possible to win this money after a spin and it is given out completely randomly. That means that you’ll never know when to expect to win this jackpot and any player betting at any level can win the jackpot with the right amount of luck on their side.

We like the look and feel of Red Sands because of its nice theme and cartoony style, but that doesn’t mean that we recommend the slot. The game is a bit dull and the prize payouts aren’t all that large. For this reason only gamblers that really like the look of this slot should give it a try. Everyone else should look at a higher paying and more feature-rich slot game online instead.