Tally Ho Slots

War slot games are some of the more interested offered online today and some of our favorites to review as well. That’s why we were excited about Tally Ho, a slot game themed after World War II. Sure, the slot isn’t al that nice looking and is clearly a bit dated, but looks aren’t everything and it still has a cool theme that it’s built on. That’s why we did a full review of the slot, and if you want to learn about it and whether or not it’s the game for you, give it a read today.

Wilds Don’t Do Much

In some slot games wilds are supremely important. Often they either act as a multiplier or they create a high paying winning combination. Neither is the case in this slot game. Instead, the wilds just show up on the central three reels and help complete prize payouts for all but the scatter symbols. They will help you win prizes more frequently, but aren’t going to be necessary to unlock the most valuable payouts in the game. Instead, you’ll just be grateful when they show up, even if you don’t end up with an exciting win.

Betting Effectively

To get the most out of Tally Ho we needed to wager our money carefully. We only get a certain amount of cash to devote to testing out each slot game, and have to be slightly frugal with it. When testing out Tally Ho we were happy to see pretty traditional wagering options. There are 20 paylines and you can turn them on and off. The payline value can be adjusted up and down as well, letting you choose values between $0.01 and $5.00 per line. Choose with care and you can get a very comfortable amount to wager with no matter what sort of budget you are working with.

Scatters are Invaluable

One symbol that you’re really going to be excited to see while you play Tally Ho is the scatter. Scatters can pay out up to 200x your total wager amount, which is a stunning $20,000 with a top wager in place. Not only can they do that, but scatters also trigger the special bonus round of this slot game, and that’s where you win the real cash. Get three or more of them and you’ll enjoy a total of 25 free spins with a 3x multiplier the entire time.

Getting Some Decent Payouts

For us, the fighter plane symbol was the most exciting of all the symbols. That’s because it can pay out up to 10,000 coins if you can get five of them in a row. That’s a payout worth as much as $50,000, which is exceptional during standard rounds of gameplay. If that’s not enough, the symbol gets even more powerful during the special bonus round of this slot game. There are some other decent symbols worth trying for as well. The WAAX symbol is worth 2,500 coins if you can get five of them, and the Flight Navigations symbol is worth 1,000 coins when you get five of them. Any of these wins is exciting to go for, and each one can change your experience when playing the slot.

Winning Big During the Bonus Round

As long as you get at least three of the scatter symbols you’re looking at a high paying bonus round that makes Tally Ho worth playing. During the bonus round you get 25 free spins and a 3x multiplier. That means the top win you can get from the slot is 30,000 coins, or as much as $150,000 in cold hard cash. That’s a good win by anyone’s standards.

We enjoy the theme of Tally Ho, despite the somewhat dull graphics, but it’s the special features that made us fall in love during testing. The game offers a good solid base payout, and enough additional bonuses to play for to keep things interesting as you go through the rounds.