Victory Slots

Online gambling is really enjoyable when you have to the right games to spend your time on, unfortunately there are plenty of low quality slot games out there. When we stumbled across Victory, the online slot game, we were intrigued by what it has to offer. This online slot game is clearly designed to appeal to serious gamblers and it offers some good prize payouts and features, but it’s also designed with an interesting theme that you won’t see on too many other slots. The game is themed after war, and features a set of symbols that make the game more interesting. You’ll see the Victory bell, a cannon, a scout, a flag and many other symbols as you spin the reels. Read through our full review below to learn about the features of the game and what you can expect from the slot as you test it out.

Winning as Much as Possible

There are two important symbols that you need to watch out for while you play this slot game, the captain and the spyglass. The captain is the most valuable symbol and will pay out 10,000 coins if you get five of them. The spyglass is the next most valuable and is worth 5,000 coins when you get five of them. From there on the best prize payout that you can get is just 2,000, which still isn’t a bad win for a slot game.

Using Autoplay

Many slot games offer an autoplay or auto spin feature that will help you get more out of the game without having to sit there the entire time. In Victory you have an Autoplay button that will spin the reels for you for a predetermined umber of times. Simply press the button, choose the number of spins that you want to go through and then let the game go through them. This is simple to set up and with help from the button you can very easily go through dozens or even hundreds of spins without pressing the button on your own.

High Paying Free Spins

Flag symbols are the scatters in this slot game and also the key to the free spin bonus round. During this round you’ll enjoy 12, 20 or 50 free spins depending on the number of scatter symbols that you get starting at 3 and going up. Any winning combination that you get during this round is doubled, and if you manage to complete a combination with help from the ship symbol, you will double your prize payout yet again. that means that you can effectively win as much as 40,000 coins during this bonus round of the game. That’s a huge prize payout and could change your bankroll forever if you are lucky enough to win with a decent wager put in place as you are gambling.

Win Big with a Progressive Jackpot

While playing Victory slot there is a random progressive jackpot that you can unlock to win a substantial amount of cash. Usually the jackpot is worth tens of thousands of dollars, and all you have to do to win the money is get a lucky spin of the reels. Just spin the reels and hope for the best with this slot game, and one turn you might randomly trigger the jackpot. It doesn’t matter ow much you are wagering when you play the slot, you can win it at any wager level.

Victory is an entertaining slot game with quite a bit to offer you. It’s not the right slot game for everyone, but if you like the look and feel of the slot game it could prove very promising for you. There is a lot of money at stake with prize payouts of up to 40,000 coins available, and it’s certainly worth trying this slot game out at least once.