Warlock's Spell Slots

Mystical and magical, Warlock’s Spell is a slot game that’s about casting spells, and unlocking massive prize payouts. This slot looks very nice, but nice looks don’t mean a game is high quality. We set out to uncover all the secrets of Warlock’s Spell, and we’ll explain them to you in the slot review down below. Give this slot a test and you’ll very quickly be able to decide if you want to play the game or not. It offers some nice looking symbols, but it’s probably the features that will win you over when you play the game.

Choosing Your Wager Amount

The first step to take when trying this slot is choosing a wager amount. You are free to wager high or low, but you’ll get the best results with a wager that matches your total bankroll amount. That means if you have hundreds of thousands to play with, a maximum wager of $100 per spin would be more useful and enjoyable for you. If you only have $20.00 in your account, going for a lower wager closer to the minimum of $0.01 per spin will help you have the time that you need to enjoy the slot game.

Witches and Warlock Oh My!

Both witches and warlocks serve as wilds in this slot game and they are essentially the same symbol in the eyes of the slot. The maximum prize win that you can get during the standard rounds of this slot comes from a combination of five of these two symbols across a reel. That’s worth 10,000 coins and can be triggered anywhere on the reels if you are lucky enough. These wilds will take the place of all but the scatter symbols as well, so watch out for witches and warlocks when you spin the reels. If you have a maximum wager in place when you win the five wild jackpot, it’s worth $50,000 in cash.

Big Prize Opportunities

Besides for the 10,000 coin wild jackpot, you can also win 5,000 coins from the black cat symbols. The amulet symbol is another to watch out for and that pays out up to 1,000 coins if you get five of them across the reels.

Potion Free Spins

If you’re lucky enough to get three or more of the spellbook scatter symbols, you’ll unlock an instant prize payout worth between 2x and 100x your total wager amount. After you receive that prize payout, you’ll move on to the special bonus round that you’ve unlocked. In this round you are a witch trying to brew a potion to counteract a spell the warlock has cast on you. Each time you choose a potion ingredient wrong you lower the total number of free spins that you get during this round. If you select all the right ingredients for the potion, you will enjoy 100 free spins with a 3x prize multiplier. The lowest number of free spins that you can get is 8 free spins with the same multiplier. No matter how many free spins you get, you can still unlock some very large prizes during your free games. It’s possible to win as much as 30,000 coins or $150,000 in cash during these rounds if you get five of the wild symbols with a maximum wager in place.

Random Jackpots

If all the fixed jackpot payouts aren’t enough for you, there is also a random jackpot feature in Warlock’s Spell. This special jackpot triggers randomly, and can pay out for you quite nicely. Getting the jackpot unlocked will reward you with up to tens of thousands of dollars in prize payouts, and this money is given to you right after the round is over. The best part about this special feature is that you don’t need to have a large wager in place to trigger the win. Even with the smallest wager you have a chance to unlock the progressive jackpot. Warlocks Spell is a cool slot game with features that will have you on the edge of your seat each time that you play. There is a lot of money at stake here when you play the game, so choose your wager carefully and make the most of the slot as you go through one round after the next.