Wooden Boy Slots

Wooden Boy is an old-school looking slot game that’s themed after Pinocchio, the puppet boy that was turned to life. If you’re at all familiar with the story of Pinocchio you’ll immediately be able to pick out characters from the story showing up on the reels, and it’s the clever cartoony style of the slot that makes it so approachable at first. On top of looking pretty nice, the slot packs in some good features for you to play and enjoy as well. That’s why we made our Wooden Boy review, to introduce you to some of those features.

Setting a Wager

While playing Wooden Boy it’s important top lace a wager that you can work with comfortably. This slot game has 20 paylines and you can turn them on and off depending on how you want to adjust your wager amount and your chances of winning prize money with each spin. The more lines you have turned on, the more chances you have to win with each spin. The fewer lines you have active, the more affordable the slot is, but the fewer chances you have per spin. Each line can be set to $0.01 to $5.00 so you can wager a low of $0.01 and a high of $100 for every spin in Wooden Boy. Choose an amount you are comfortable with and get started playing this slot game.

The Stretching Pinocchio Wild

Pinocchio is the main character in Wooden Boy the slot game, and as such has a very important role as you go through one round after another. This loveable little character serves as the wild. You can complete prize payouts with Pinocchio by getting him on reels with other matching symbols as well. Not only does he help complete prize payouts, but he will expand to cover the entire reel whenever he shows up. That means that prize winning symbol combinations are very common when playing the slot game, and that you have a lot to look forward to when you go through one round after the next in Wooden Boy.

Small Prize Payouts

Wooden Boy is a nice looking sot with lots of prize winning opportunities, but the jackpot payouts are pretty small compared to other slot games. The biggest win that you can get during the standard round of this slot is a mere 1,000 coins. That’s worth up to $5,000 in cash with a maximum wager laid down, and it’s not a whole lot to get excited about. Even when you get triple prizes during the bonus round, the top prize that you can get on a single payline is $15,000 from this slot.

Even still, prize winning combinations are common in this slot and with help from the stretching wild you might get more than one win in a single spin, helping to make this slot more interesting and worthwhile to play.

An Exceptional Jackpot Opportunity

Wooden Boy offers a progressive jackpot that can pay out tens of thousands of dollars, and the huge prize is available to every single player that tries the slot game out. That means, even if you are wagering the minimum amount while playing this slot, you could still win thousands of dollars from the slot in a single spin. The prize is paid out randomly and only one player will win the jackpot prize among everyone playing. Still, it gives you something to shoot for as you gamble and it helps to improve this slot just a bit more.

Using Autoplay

Autoplay is the helpful feature that will set the reels of this slot game to spinning even without your input. You set the feature in motion and choose the number of spins that you want to go with and it will keep going until you run out of spins. The feature can bring you through dozens or even hundreds of spins without stopping without asking you for anything at all. Autoplay is an excellent feature for gamblers that want to go through lots of spins without having to sit in front of the game.

Unlocking Free Spins

The fairy symbol is the scatter in Wooden Boy and will help you trigger more prize payouts even when you don’t have matching paylines of symbols. The fairy pays out whenever you get two or more of these symbols anywhere on the reels. Fairy symbols are worth up to a whopping 100x your total wager amount as well, or up to $10,000 in straight cash with a maximum wager in place when you get five of them. Not only can you win lots of cash with the scatter symbols, but you can also trigger bonus free spin rounds with the fairies if you get enough of them. Three or more of the fairy symbols will trigger free spin rounds within the game. You start off with a minimum of 5 free spins and go up to 15 free spins if you have enough scatters. During the free spins any prize completed with help from the Pinocchio symbol results in a 3x prize payout, and this little guy will be stretched across the reels giving you plenty of chances to win prizes.

Wooden Boy doesn’t offer very large payouts, but between the stretched wilds, the powerful free spin multipliers, and all the different ways for you to win, you can still make out very well by playing this slot game. Give it a try and you just might enjoy it despite the low fixed jackpot amounts.