Big Shot Slots

Imagine the life of a movie star complete with a high profile job, a flashy car and a beautiful wife, and you’ll know exactly what to expect with Big Shot the online slot game. This slot is all about living life in the fast lane in a position that people can only dream of. It’s exciting, it’s cool and it features a good selection of symbols that bring all this to life. From the moment that you sit down to play this slot, you’ll be impressed with the bright and colorful symbols, and the different features that this slot boasts of, or at least we were. Keep reading for a full review of Big Shot, to find out if this slot game lives up to its hype or not.

To Bet Big or Small

Deciding whether you should be big or small is an important decision and one that you should really think about before playing any slot game. You get quite a bit of freedom in Big Shot thanks to variable paylines and a good set of line wager amounts. You can wager between $0.01 and $5.00 per payline and there are 20 variable lines to work with. If you want to bet big you can go up to $100.00 per spin. If you want to bet small you can go down to $0.01 per spin. Either way, you should be able to get a wager that you like with Big Shot.

Scatter Wins are Significant

In some slot games scatters are just there to keep payouts coming, but those payouts aren’t worth much. In Big Shot it’s possible to win as much as $10,000 from a single scatter win. That’s pretty significant if you ask us. The game pays out 100x your wager for five scatter symbols. Keep your eyes open for scatters as you play and you could be enjoying some nice wins along the way.

Top Fixed Payouts

Though Big Shot offers many ways to win cash, its payouts aren’t as large as some other slot games available today. While wagering, you can win up to 2,500 coins in a single spin. That’s up to $7,500 in cash at the highest wager amount and it’s from five of the Diva symbols. Get five of the red sports cars and you’re looking at a 1,000 coin payout or up to $5,000. Either way, this slot isn’t big on paying huge payouts during the base rounds of the game.

Huge Win Potential in the Free Spin Round

Though the base rounds of this slot game are a bit lackluster, things get very interesting when you move to the free spin round of the slot. Instead of paying out a maximum of $10,000 like the base rounds do, you can win significantly more thanks to the multiplier that grows with every spin. You unlock free spins by getting a Big Shot logo on the first and last reels of the slot at the same time. Do that and you’ll get between 5 and 20 free spins. Each spin increases the multiplier by one, giving you the chance to get up to a 20x multiplier while playing. With a 20x multiplier and a 2,500 coin win, you can actually unlock a much more significant payout from this slot game. It’s capped at a top payout of $99,999 and that’s exactly what you can win from some of the higher paying free spin rounds with a bit of luck.

Win Jackpots Randomly

Like many of the current Realtime Gaming slot games, this one comes with a random progressive jackpot. Anytime that you play the slot, you’ll see a jackpot worth thousands of dollars up in the top of the screen. This jackpot can pay out at any time, and there is no trick to winning it. As you spin the reels in Big Shot, you just need to be lucky enough to trigger the payout. Do that and you’ll be looking at thousands of dollars pouring into your account. This jackpot is especially good for the gamblers that wager smaller amounts of money, because they can win a good amount even with a smaller bankroll.

If you fantasize about being a big shot with movie deals and million dollar contracts, you can get your fix from this slot game. Big Shot is a lot of fun. It’s a nice looking slot and offers some high paying opportunities if you’re able to get into the free spin round of the game. Give it a try, it’s worth a playthrough or two.