Operation M.Y.O.W Slots

Operation M.Y.O.W slots is at first glance a totally simple classic game with three reels and one payline with a definite feline feel to it. But on closer look, the player will note that he can chance the pay table and enjoy different cat characters and payouts based on each character. With each option, there are five in total, the player can place up to three coins per spin and use a variety of coin sizes that range from $0.05 up to $15. The highest bet per spin is $15.

Five Different Pay Tables with Different Cat Characters

Players can choose one out of five different pay tables when playing this colorful game. Each of the five pay tables is associated with a different cat character and gives the player different potential winnings. The catzilla is the highest pay table and it awards the player 5000 coins if three of the catzilla symbols appear on the payline with a three-coin bet. With a two-coin bet, the player wins 3200 coins and with a single coin bet, the player wins 1600 coins. The Lucky cat pay table is the next highest pay table awarding players 1500 coins when three of the lucky cat symbols appear on the payline with a three-coin bet, a two-coin bet awards the player 800 coins and a single coin bet awards the player 400 coins. The Kung Fu cat awards the players 1000 coins when three land on the payline with a three-coin bet, with a two-coin bet the player wins 640 coins and with a single coin bet the player wins 320 coins. The King cat awards the player 750 coins with a three-coin bet and three landing on the payline, a two-coin bet gives the player 480 coins with three of the King cat appearing and a single coin bet gives the player 240 coins. The lowest paying cat is the bat cat giving players just 50 coins when three appear on the payline with a three-coin bet. Each of the cats appears at the side of the screen when the pay table is chosen giving the player extra entertainment in this Make Your Own Winnings slots game.