Sunken Treasures Slots

Sunken Treasure is an online slot game that's all about exploring the depths of the ocean and all it has to offer. In this slot game you'll be turning the reels to reveal all sorts of cartoon-themed symbols that are nice to look at and offer some exceptional payouts as well. While you go through one round after the other, you'll quickly get acquainted with some of the special features of this slot like we did, and that's when things get very interesting. Read through our review of Sunken Treasure to learn about the features and why the nice looking cartoony symbols isn't all this slot game has to offer you.

Wagering Flexibility

In our opinion, the best slot games are flexible when it comes to wagering ranges. You can very easily adjust how much you are wagering to make sure you're getting a good amount of cash for your wins, but that you aren't risking too much as you play through one round after another. That's the secret to a good slot. Sunken Treasure offers plenty of flexibility, so that you can achieve that sweet spot when wagering, as long as you play at most standard levels. The low of this slot is just $0.01 per each spin. The high is a respectable $100.00 per spin. Somewhere in between those two extremes you should be able to get comfortable and get down to business.

Wilds Multiply Your Wins

The diver is the wild symbol in this slot game and is an important character that you'll want to be on the lookout for. Divers appear on the three central reels, and help complete prize payouts for all but the scatter symbols. These helpful symbols can actually create higher prize payouts for you, because they double any prize that they help create. That means, with help from a diver, you can double your wins each and every time. For that reason, the diver is involved in every one of the high payouts during standard rounds of the slot.

Watch for Sunken Treasure

As the name suggests, you want to be on the lookout for treasure. The whole point of this slot is to find treasure and to profit from it handsomely. Treasure chest symbols are worth up to 2,500 when you get five of them on the reels. If you sneak in a wild along with the treasure chests you can maximize your win and make it worth 5,000 coins though. That's a value of approximately $25,000 just during the standard rounds of this slot, which isn't too shabby.

Finding the Treasure Bonus Round

Sunken Treasure squeezes in one more special bonus feature to keep things interesting for long term gamblers. It's the bonus round. To activate this round you need to get three or more of the ship symbols. The more ship symbols you get, the more picks you get during the initial stages of the treasure chest round. You get to pick from different chests on the reels, and the chests either reveal 5 free spins or 10x your total wager amount. With five scatters it's possible to get 50x your wager amount in the form of an instant payout, or to get 25 free spins where you can win some seriously good cash. During the free spin rounds of this slot game any prizes that are paid out are tripled in size, making for some very good wins.

We liked Sunken Treasure during our time with the slot game for two reasons. It's a nice looking slot game with very nice cartoon symbols, and it offers some good solid wins. If you enjoy slots with plenty of bonuses, and you want to give the game a real good try, you'll likely find something that you like about Sunken Treasure. Give the slot a try just to see what it has to offer you.