Treasure Chamber Slots

If you've ever wanted to be an explorer like Indiana Jones, now is your chance. Treasure Chamber is a mysterious online slot game that puts you in the shoes of a jungle explorer looking for treasure. It's your job to spin the reels and search around for high paying slot symbols. With any luck you might even trigger the special bonus round with major treasure payouts. This slot game is beautiful and features some modern-day elements that are impossible to ignore. Give it a try and you'll be drawn in immediately, or at least we were.

The Adventurer Wild is Important

During our time reviewing Treasure Chamber, the adventurer took a top spot as the most important symbol for this slot game. Even more important than scatter symbols, this symbol is the key to triggering the top fixed jackpot that this slot game has to offer. Five wilds and you'll unlock 10,000 coins in the form of a jackpot deposited straight into your account. That jackpot is worth up to $50,000 with a maximum wager in place, and even with a lower wager amount you can expect to get a good amount of money from the jackpot. Things get even more interesting during the free spin bonus round when prize payouts are tripled and the win potential is much larger.

Mysterious Shifting Symbols

One cool element of this slot game is the shifting symbols that show up on the reels and change themselves after showing up. These mystery symbols will keep you wondering what is going to show up on the reels. After they appear, they will transform into one of many different symbols. You'll be stuck wondering what you are going to get until the transformation happens and you find out if you have a payout or not.

Scatters Pay Big Time

The beautiful rose symbol looks delicate and highly valuable, and it's one of the most beneficial symbols in this game overall. If you can collect five of the roses in a single spin, you'll be rewarded with 200x your total wager amount which is up to $40,000. Not only that, but you'll trigger a bonus round that gives you even more opportunities to win big. The scatter symbol shows up on the reels frequently, but it's rare to get it in enough positions to unlock the top prize payouts that it has to offer you.

A Mysterious Treasure Payout

A select group of the luckiest gamblers to play Treasure Chamber have managed to unlock the secrets of the Random Jackpot and walk away with thousands of dollars paid straight into their casino accounts. This jackpot doesn't seem to have any sort of prize winning symbol attached to it, and instead is just rewarded to one lucky player at random. All the gamblers playing Treasure Chamber are adding money into the same prize pool, and it's paid out to the one player that manages to trigger it while gambling.

Big Bonus Potential

Any time that you get three or more scatter symbols while playing Treasure Chamber, you'll unlock the free spin bonus round. This round offers you 20 free spins with a 3x multiplier. You get the same number of spins and multiplier every time, and it's a good opportunity to win large payouts or several smaller payouts. The free rounds can be triggered once again with three or more scatters as well for even more chances to win some good prizes.