Mid-Life Crisis Slots

Mid-Life Crisis is an online slot game that’s all about getting older and dealing with the changes that come with that. The slot is filled with symbols associated with getting older and making bad decisions. You’ll see money clips, hair pieces, sports cars, motorcycles, boats, Viagra, skydiving, women and more to choose from. Between all the different symbols you get a very clear picture of what it’s like to become a middle-aged man going through a mid-life crisis. The theme of the slot game is fun, and that’s why we tested it out, but during our tests we encountered some pretty impressive bonuses and prize payouts that made this slot worth showing off. Keep reading and you’ll see what we mean.

Odd Wagering

This slot offers some odd betting limits because of the way that its setup, but this is all because there are a total of 9 paylines in the game. when you play Mid-Life Crisis the slot locks every single line bet that you make at $0.25 each. That means that you can effectively wager as little as $0.25 per spin if you only want to bet on a single payline. The maximum that you can wager across the lines is $2.25 with a wager one each of the 9 lines, but you can multiply that bet amount up to 5 times with 5 coins on each payline, making the real maximum wager amount $11.25 per spin. That’s a pretty respectable top wager amount for low-stakes gamblers, though it’s going to be a bit low for high rollers that want serious winning opportunities.

Okay Fixed Payouts

This slot game comes with some decent fixed payouts for you to go for. When you paly the game it’s possible to win as much as 3,200 coins if you can get enough of the boat symbol. You can also win decent prizes with the money clip, the motorcycle and the Viagra symbols as well.

A Random Scatter Payout

If you manage to get the mid-life crisis guy, the hairpiece and the bling symbols on the reels at the same time, you’ll unlock a random scatter payout prize. This payout is based on your wager amount and can be up to 350 coins, which isn’t half bad at all. It triggers quite frequently, so it’s something that you can look forward to as you play Mid-Life Crisis.

Pick Your Poison Game

Get all three women on the reels of this slot at the same time and you’ll unlock the Pick Your Poison bonus game. During this game you get to take on a series of challenges depending on the symbols that you select. It’s possible to win as much as 4,000 coins throughout the challenges, which makes this a smaller paying bonus round, but it’s still fun to play and rewarding enough to be exciting when it triggers.

Huge Win Potential

When you play Mid-Life Crisis there is a very exciting Super Jackpot prize that you can win. This will reward you with a brand-new Sports Car or $100,000 in cash. It’s the perfect example of a real-life mid-life crisis and it fits the theme of this slot game very nicely. If the thought of winning such a prize excites you, it might be worthwhile to test out the slot game at least once.

A Giant Progressive Jackpot

One of the first things that you’ll notice while you play Mid-Life Crisis is the huge progressive jackpot meter at the bottom of the screen. This massive payout can be yours if you are lucky enough to trigger it, but you’ll need to wager on all 9 pay lines in order to have a shot at it. If you do unlock the payout you could end up with more than $1 million dollars from a single slot game, which is very exciting.

We had a lot of fun with Mid-Life Crisis. The slot game is entertaining from start to finish, and it gives you enough perks to look forward to that you’ll be spinning the reels again and again in hopes of unlocking the Super Jackpot, the massive progressive jackpot or one of the exciting bonus features.