Food Fight Slots

Food Fight is a popular online slot game by Realtime Gaming that’s based on getting into a food fight at a public location. While playing the slot you’ll see all sorts of different food-based symbols show up on the reels, and you’ll likely unlock a few special bonus rounds as well. We really enjoyed the different bonuses and special features offered by this slot game. Keep reading to learn all about them and why the slot is worth testing out.


Betting is the first step you must take when playing Food Fight, and that means making a couple different decisions. The first is whether you want to play on all 9 of the paylines or not in the slot. You can play on between 1 and 9 lines and you’ll be placing wagers on any of the lines that you want to play on. The next step is deciding what bet you want to put on each of the lines. You can wager between $0.01 and $5.00 on each of the lines. Finally, you have to decide whether you want to wager 1 coin per line, 2 coins or all the way up to 5 coins on each of your paylines. The end result is a set of highly variable wagering limits, allowing you to wager between $0.01 per spin and $225.00 per spin. With that range to work with you have a lot of different options and can pick a level you are comfortable with.

The Food Fight Bonus Round

In Food Fight there is a food fight bonus round that will reward you with up to 3960 coins. To unlock this payout you need to get all the different components of the pie. To do this you need to get the shell, the cherry and the filling. Get them all and you’ll unlock this fun bonus round that gives you something different to do other than spinning reels. You’ll be tasked with tossing pies at targets in hopes of getting the biggest prize payouts as possible. The number that appears after a victim is hit is the number of coins that you’ll receive as a payout.

The Ice Cream Scatter Prize

If you can get all the right ice cream related symbols on the reels at the same time, you can unlock the exciting Ice Cream Scatter prize payout. This gives you up to 405 coins paid out, which is quite valuable. To trigger this special payout you need to get a cone symbol, a vanilla scoop, and the chocolate scoop with the cherry. Get those three things and you’ll get a random payout amount that goes as high as 405 coins. The payout depends largely on the total amount of money that you have wagered while playing this slot game though, so you’ll have to wait and see how much money you have coming.

A Huge Progressive Jackpot

Food Fight comes with an absolutely massive progressive jackpot whose amount is displayed prominently at the bottom of the slot game as you play. It’s possible to win hundreds of thousands of dollars from this special payout, and all you need to do is get the right combination of symbols in order to win the cash. To do this, you need to get five of the pudding symbols. Do that and you’ll be looking at that jackpot as it gets deposited right into your casino account.

Food Fight is a uniquely themed slot game with high paying prizes if you are a lucky gambler. It’s fun to play and is something that we highly recommend if you are serious about online gambling. Give the slot a try and you’re likely to find something that you truly enjoy about it.